City of Gangsters Cheats

City of Gangsters Cheats

Last Updated on 21 August, 2022

City of Gangsters Cheats – How to enable in-game cheats, some tips, and the full list of cheats or codes explained

City of Gangsters Cheats – Enable Cheats Console

If you want to use cheats you have to enable developer mode, and these are the steps

  1. Make a folder called “Data” in the Omerta directory
  2. Create a blank text file named cheatfix.lua
  3. Open the autorun.lua file and put this line of code: AreCheatsAvailable = function() return true end
  4. Play and enjoy the cheats we are going to provide you

This part was the most difficult, we have left you a video tutorial at the end in case you don’t get it, now comes the easy part. Now cheats are enabled and you can use them in-game.

If you can’t exit the developer mode press Alt+F4

City of Gangsters Cheats – Full List

Just open the pause menu and type these cheats:

  • chbigdeal: +20K dirty and clean cash
  • chsecretstash: +150 storage, 50 beer, liquor, and also firearms
  • chfearme: maxes out fear rating
  • chfancysuit: maxes out like rating
  • charmsrace: adds all weapons to inventory
  • chfeellucky: wins a tactical mission
  • chcementshoes: loses a tactical mission
  • chfullhouse: unlocks all henchmen
  • chplayground: unlocks all districts
  • chdrycity: wins current district
  • chding [value]: level up to level [value] (this cheat doesn’t work for us)

Most of these cheats are repeatable, that is, you can get infinite money if you use the money cheat unlimitedly

Video Guide

If you still need help enabling the cheats, or you just want to check that cheats work, check this video guide from the youtuber Mamuharam and solve your doubts

And that’s it, that’s how cheats work and this is the complete list. If you discover any other cheat we would be very grateful if you share it with us in the comments, so we can add it

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  1. agreed. right picture, but the cheats are for Omerta:CoG, not City of Gangsters by Kasedo. different games that share a weird name overlap

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