CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Crusader Kings 2

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Enable the console (Debug mode) in Crusader Kings 2, and enjoy tons of cheats

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How To Open Console?

Just hit the “`” (to the left of key 1) key while playing to open or enable the console, then use any of the cheats & console commands we are going to provide you

But if you want to use cheats make sure you are not playing in Ironman

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Character

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Character Console Commands & Cheats:

  • add_artifact [artifact id]: Adds an artifact to the character
  • get_all_artifacts: Adds all artifacts to the character
  • destroy_artifact [artifact id]: Removes an artifact from the character
  • add_diplomacy: Adds diplomacy to the character
  • add_intrigue: Adds intrigue to the character
  • add_learning: Adds learning to the character
  • add_martial: Adds Martialy to the character
  • add_stewardship: Adds stewardship to the character
  • add_offmap_currency [Offmap Power] [amount]: Gives the player currency with the specified offmap power
  • add_trait [trait id]: Adds a trait to the character
  • remove_trait [traitt id]: Removes an artifact to the character
  • add_modifier [modifier id]: Adds a modifier to the character
  • remove_modifier [modifier id]: removes a modifier to the character
  • age [character id]: Modifies a character’s age
  • banish [character id]: Banishes a character
  • capital [province id]: Moves player capital to province
  • clr_moved_capital [character id]: Clears the moved capital-flag of a character
  • cash [amount]: Adds gold to the player
  • coalition [character id] [character id]: [character id1] starts/joins/leaves a coalition against [character id2]
  • council_positions [character id or title id]: Shows the ai scores of each council position
  • clr_focus: Clears the focus
  • culture [culture id]: Sets a character’s culture
  • decadence: Modifies the Decadence of the player’s Dynasty
  • decision [decision id]: Executes a decision
  • die: Suicide
  • enforce_peace: Enforces peace in the player’s realm
  • liege_enforce_peace: Enforces peace in the player’s liege realm
  • enable_ambition: Allows a character to pick a new ambition
  • event [event id]: Executes an event
  • favor_get [character id]: Get a favor from character id
  • favor_grant [character id]: Grants a favor from character id
  • gfx_culture [Character ID]: Sets a character’s gfx culture
  • give_birth [character id]: Forces a pregnant character to instantly give birt
  • give_title [title id] [character id]: Gives a title to a character
  • infamy: Modifies the player character’s threat
  • imprison [character id] [character id]: Imprisons a character by another character
  • join_society [society id]: Join a society
  • leave_society [society id]: Leave a society
  • log_missing_adjectives: Logs any title that has no adjective loc key defined
  • kill [character id]: Kills a character
  • kill_yourself: Suicide
  • move [character id] [character id]: Moves a character to a character’s court
  • neg_opinion [character id] [character id]: Adds a negative opinion between two characters
  • nickname [nickname] [character id]: Gives a character a nickname
  • piety [amount]: Adds piety to the player
  • prestige [amount]: Adds prestige to the player
  • run [filename]: Executes script commands from a text file
  • score [amount]: Adds score to the player
  • techpoints: Adds 1000 techpoints of each type to the player
  • max_tech [province id]: Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in specified province
  • recalc_succ [character id]: Recalculate the succession for a character
  • religion [character id] [religion id]: Sets a character’s religion
  • secret_religion [character id] [secret_religion id]: Sets a character’s secret religion
  • set_government [Government id] [character id]: Changes government
  • titleowner [title id]: Reports or sets the holder of a title
  • validate_government [character id]: Validates government of a character
  • validate_laws [character id]: Validates laws of a character
  • validate_lieges [character id]: Validates lieges of a character
  • set_char_flag [flag id] [character id]: Sets a flag from a character
  • clr_char_flag [flag id] [character id]: Clears a flag from a character
  • set_society_grandmaster [character id]: Sets the grandmaster of the society
  • show_all_societies: Shows all societies
  • society_rank_up [amount]: Ranks player up in society
  • society_rank_down [amount]: Ranks player down in society
  • society_currency [amount]: Adds society currency to the player
  • quickbuild: constructions are finished immediately
  • usurp [title id] [character id]: Sets a title to be usurped by a character

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Global

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Global Console Commands & Cheats:

  • activate_artifacts: All artifacts are always active
  • allow_laws: change laws freely
  • real_fathers: Shows the true fathers in the family tree
  • charinfo [character id]: debugging information to character & Reveals your spouse’s lovers
  • de_jure_counties: de jure counties map mode
  • discover_plots: auto plot discovery
  • fow [province id]: Turns off fog of war
  • game_speed [Speed]: Sets the game speed, from 0 to 4
  • game_paused [True or False]: Pauses game or not
  • get_offmap_holder [Offmap Power]: Displays the name and character id of the current holder of an offmap power
  • set_offmap_status [Offmap Power] [status]: sets the status of the specified offmap power
  • set_offmap_policy [Offmap Power] [policy]: Sets the policy of the specified offmap power
  • kill_offmap_ruler [Offmap Power]: Kills the ruler specified offmap power
  • kill_offmap_dynasty [Offmap Power]: Kills the ruler specified offmap power, also changes dynasty
  • manpower [amount]: Adds nomadic manpower to a nomad player character
  • population [amount]: Adds nomadic population to a nomad player character
  • marry_anyone: You can
  • morehumans [amount]: Adds more humans
  • neg_diplo: diplomatic messagest will be refused
  • nextsong: Changes sountrack
  • listsongs: Check the list of songs
  • outbreak [disease id]: Starts specified disease outbreak in a random province
  • plots_known: all plots always known
  • recalc_council: recalc the council positions of each council member
  • reload_succession_voting: Reloads succession voting patterns
  • set_flag [flag id]: Sets a global flag
  • clr_flag [flag id]: Clears a global flag
  • validate_cultural_names: Validates cultural title names
  • spawn_disease [disease id] [province id]: Spawn specified disease in chosen province
  • character_stats: Displays character’s stats
  • dynasty_stats: Displays dynasty’s stats
  • destroy_settlement [title id]: Destroys a holding. Takes a barony title (b_<name>) or destroys the capital of a county title (c_<name>)
  • murder [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = murderer & id2 = victim
  • pollinate [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = mother & id2 = father
  • cuckoo [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = mother & id2 = father (unknown)
  • revolt [province id]: Starts a Revolt in a province
  • succ [Succession id]: Changes the succession type
  • add_lover [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = lover 1 & id2 = lover 2
  • add_friend [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = friend 1 & id2 = friend 2
  • remove_friend [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = lover 1 & id2 = lover 2
  • add_rival [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = rival 1 & id2 = rival 2
  • remove_rival [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = rival 1 & id2 = rival 2
  • flip_mapmodes: Cycles to the next map mode each day
  • province_religion [Province ID] [Religion]: Sets a province’s religion

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Debug

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Debug Console Commands & Cheats:

  • run_commands_from_file [file name]: Reads a file
  • testevent [event id]: Tests an event
  • clear: Clears the console
  • debug_ai [character id]: displays AI strategy for a character
  • debug_aistrength: AI Strength data
  • debug_assert: asserts or, and also off
  • debug_bloom: Bloom or, and also off
  • debug_borders: Borders or, and also off
  • debug_crash: Forces crash
  • debug_citysprawl: Citysprawl or, and also off
  • debug_dumpevents: Dump Event data
  • debug_events: Start Counting events
  • debug_hires: Terrain Hires mode or, and also off
  • debug_info: Debug info
  • debug_lines: Debug lines
  • debug_lockcamera: Camera locked or, and also off
  • debug_name: names for provinces
  • debug_nogui: GUI or, and also off
  • debug_nomen: Nomen or, and also off
  • debug_nomouse: mouse scrollwheel or, and also off
  • debug_postfx: PostFX or, and also off
  • debug_rivers: Rivers or, and also off
  • debug_sky: Sky or, and also off
  • debug_smooth: framesmoothing or, and also off
  • debug_terrain: Terrain or, and also off
  • debug_textures: Texture info to application debug log
  • debug_ti: Terra Incognita or, and also off
  • debug_tooltip: Toggles Tooltips or, and also off
  • debug_trees: Trees or, and also off
  • debug_triggerassert: Force game to throw an assert
  • debug_volume: music volume
  • debug_water: Water or, and also off
  • debug_wireframe: forced wireframe or, and also off
  • debug_yesmen: yesmen or, and also off
  • debug_zoom: Zoom or, and also off
  • eventinfo: Prints the number of running events
  • guibounds: GUI bounds or, and also off
  • fullscreen: fullscreen or, and also off
  • hello: character screen or title screen or, and also off
  • help [command]: Print out all console commands or a specific command description
  • noai: AI or, and also off
  • numcoas: used coat of arms
  • observe: observer mode or, and also off
  • refresh_portraits:  all character portraits to be refreshed
  • reload: Reloads the gui or lua file
  • reloadevents: event database
  • reloadfx: Reloads the shader
  • reloadgovernmentflavor
  • reloadinterface
  • reloadloc
  • reloadpositions
  • reloadtexture
  • save_without_ironman
  • spawnactor [actor name]
  • timer_start: Starts debug timing
  • timer_restart: Restarts debug timing
  • timer_reset: Resets debug timing
  • timer_stop: Stops debug timing
  • timer_dump: Dumps debug timing info
  • ct: Puts timer info in clipboard

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