Metro Exodus Console Commands – Developer

Metro Exodus Console Commands

Last Updated on 3 August, 2021

Metro Exodus Console Commands – Get the Developer Console and enable tons of cheats and config commands

How to Enable the Console?

You need the Developer Console, you can download it from here:

Enable the script and use F1 while playing to toggle the console

Metro Exodus Console Commands – Ranger Update

  • new_game_plus_allowed: To unlock game plus on the main menu
  • ngp_armored_mode: +1 armor level to all human NPCs
  • ngp_backpack_limit: You can only craft using the workbench
  • ngp_bad_weathert: Fog, Sand Storn, Rain & snow are more frequent
  • ngp_dev_comments: Green tape players can play developer commentary
  • ngp_grenadier_mode: More grenades for human NPCs
  • ngp_iron_mode: You can only save between levels
  • ngp_radiation_mode: More radiation areas added
  • ngp_realtime_weather: changes the day cycle from 2 to 24 hours
  • ngp_tough_creatures: + armor (thick hide) for creatures

Metro Exodus Console Commands – Graphics

  • ph_dbg_render_range: Default = 150, but try =20
  • ph_movables_range: Default = 96, but try =20
  • r_adaptive_ssa: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_dof_tile_max: Default = 1, but try =0
  • r_enum_ssaa: Default = 10, but try =5
  • r_foliage_scale_clr_mp: Default = 1.2, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_ao_mp: Default = 1.1, but try =0.5
  • r_foliage_scale_range: Default = 1.25, but try =0.5
  • r_lod_shadow_quality: Default = 1, but try =0.5

Metro Exodus Console Commands – Change Map

Use the command change_map_nl

  • m3\000: Main Menu
  • m3\01_dead_moscow: Moscow
  • m3\05_winter: Winter
  • m3\06_bridge: The Volga
  • m3\06_spring: Spring
  • m3\07_yamantau: Yamantau
  • m3\08_desert: The Caspian
  • m3\08_summer: Summer
  • m3\12_valley: The Taiga
  • m3\12_autumn: Autumn
  • m3\13_deadcity: The Dead City
  • m3\14_outro: Finale
  • m3\dlc_1_deadcity: The Two Colonels
  • m3\dlc_2_vladivostok: Sam’s Story

Config Commands

  • r_gamma: To set gamma (Directx 11)
  • r_exposure_control: To set gamma (Directx 12)
  • r_exposure_bloom: Try value “-1”
  • r_bloom_prefiltered: Try value “0”
  • g_disable_hud_scale_coll: To set weapon scale
  • hud_scale_type: Weapon position  (value 0 to 5)
  • hud_scale_force_xy: Set previus commant to 3 and set the position
  • weapon_count: Values 1 to 3
  • r_base_fov: To set field of view
  • enable_backpack_craft: Enables backpack crafting ability
  • enable_costumes_craft: To change costumes upgrades in the workbench
  • ngp_sneaky_combat: To enable sneaky combat more
  • return_to_main_menu: self explanatory
  • pause: self explanatory
  • joy_sens_y_scale: To set Pitch sensitivity scale
  • gamesave: self explanatory
  • gameload: self explanatory
  • g_game_difficulty: self explanatory
  • g_ranger_hud_alpha: Only works in game difficulty 3 (Ranger)
  • ranger_mode_game: self explanatory
  • g_survival_mode: self explanatory
  • disconnect: Use it before using the next command
  • map: Load any map, but first use the previous command
  • restart: To restart a map
  • change_map: to any map
  • change_map_cl: Same as the previous one
  • change_map_nl: Above there is a list with the available maps
  • nextlevel: To skip the current mission
  • g_player_speed_scale: self explanatory
  • g_god: Deathless or god mode
  • g_global_god: Previous command, but for everyone
  • g_unlimitedammo: Also unlimited medkits
  • g_notarget: NPCs can’t target the player
  • g_autopickup: Auto collects the loot

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  1. is there a command to noclip, I can’t activate it on CT, please help, I’m stuck on a level where there are invisible walls

    • Hey did you ever get unstuck? I got soft locked behind invisible walls in the cave mission area in the Caspian chapter. I’m willing to try anything to fix this broken shit

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