Crossy Road Characters – Secret & Unlock

Crossy Road Characters secret unlock

Last Updated on 12 March, 2023

Welcome to the Crossy Road Characters Guide, we will show you all the Secret characters, and we will explain you hou to Unlock them all

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Crossy Road Characters I

  • Hipster Whale: Find him in a river and Jump on him
  • Totem: Play as Monument Valley and Find it in a river
  • Purple Bloop: Play as Grablin and defeat a character higher than level 35
  • Cat Lady: Play as Cat and eat 9 yellow fish (grass)
  • Best in Show: Play as Dog and eat 15 bowls of dog food.
  • Andy Sun: Play as Mallard and score 85% or greater than your current high score, get the Great Score
  • Ben Weatherall: Play as Dark Lord and score 85% or greater than your current high score, get the Great Score
  • Matt Hall: Play as Lucky Cat and score 85% or greater than your current high score, get the Great Score
  • Ace: Play as Rocky and get 50 burguers and get the Great Score
  • Michael Boom: crash into the rocket truck

Crossy Road Characters I

  • Halfling: Play as a New Zealand character and collect as many gold rings as you can
  • Drop Bear: Play as a Australian character and get close to the Drop Bear (tree)
  • Crab: More than 49 side step and more than 40 score
  • Cai Shen: Play as Fortune Chicken and get 20 little red envelopes
  • Chinese Monster: Play as New Year’s Doll and get it
  • Phone Box: Play as a British character and get over 100 points
  • Nessie: Play as a British character and jump on it (river)
  • Leprechaun: Play as a British character and get 4 leaf clover (1 run)
  • Pro Gamer: Play as a Korean character and get more than 40 being fast.
  • Coconut Water: Play as Tourist (Brazil) and get 10 coconut cocktails (1 run)

Crossy Road Characters III

  • Inky: Play as Pac-Man and score 2,500 or more (Pac-Man Game Mode)
  • Blinky: Play as Pac-Chicken and get crushed by Pac-Man
  • Pinky: Play as Pac-Chicken and find and gobble a pair of pixel art cherries
  • Clyde: Play as Pac-Man grab a power pellet, and eat at least 7 ghosts
  • Princess of All Cosmos: Play as Prince of all Cosmos and roll up a lot of items into your Katamari ball
  • Queen of All Cosmos: Play as King of all Cosmos turninto rainbows untill you get it
  • Gingerbread Man: Play as Wolf and run into him
  • Clown: Play as Hand and get 30 coins
  • Rugby Player: Play as a British character and find the rugby ball (tree)
  • Gifty: Play as a Festive Chicken, hop along untill you end in the Christmas tree, finally die
  • Yeti: Play as a Festive Character and get hit by a snowball (yeti)

Secret Characters IV and how to unlock them

  • Seal: Play as Polar Bear and complete the 5 artic missions
  • Iceberg: dunk the Puffin, Lost Penguin, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Lemming, Narwhal, Wolverine, Walrus, Polar Bear, and also the Slippy Penguin
  • Bones: Play as Paleontologist and get all the dino bones (grass)
  • Moon Rock: Play as a Space character and get hit by one rock (Meteor)
  • Space Walker: Play as Space mascot and jump on the Hipster Whale
  • Robot Dog: Play as Space character and find the yellow alien
  • Merlady: Play as any character, but not an ocean one, cross a river , jump back two logs and fall off
  • Angler Fish: Play as an ocean character, cross a river , jump back two logs and fall off
  • Waffles: Play as Piffle and find him
  • Pineapple: Run into the food truck of Pineapple (top)
  • Piffle Ball: Play as Piffle character, and get all the items on the ground
  • Marmalade: Play as Piffle character, and get 1 donut, 1 floppy disk, 1 sock, 1 dice, and also 1 ball in 1 run

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  1. I have one more character to unlock in Crossy Road. It’s the final character in the Party group. It’s not available in the prize machine. How do I unlock it? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your help. I got the big fancy pig.
      Now the last character in “Party”, they added since my first post. One person said jump into a brown river but that hasn’t worked.

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