Cruelty Squad Secret Levels

Cruelty Squad Secret Levels

Last Updated on 6 June, 2022

Cruelty Squad Secret Levels – A guide to unlock all the secret levels – Alpine Hospitality, The Darkworkd, The Paradise Catacombs and Miner’s Miracle

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Cruelty Squad Secret Levels – Video Guide

Follow this guide to know the routes that will lead you to unlock all the secret levels, credits for MachoMelon

Cruelty Squad Secret Levels – All Secret Levels

Alpine Hospitality – Seaside Stock

Tips to find the secret levels:

  • Go straight to the lobby and head left
  • Find the black structure, there is a fake wall
  • Pass the wall and find the secret Level

The Paradise Catacombs – Paradise

Tips to find the secret levels:

  • Equip the flashlight
  • Enter the green house to the left
  • Enter the Basement
  • Go through the door that requires a divine link established to your character and head to your left
  • if you need a divine link: Check the section Getting Divine LInk
  • Find the Giant hole in the middle of a room and jump down there
  • Reach the tunnel > Bridge > Room with a painting of the Darkworld on it
  • Jump into the painting
  • You have unlocked the Darkworld

The Darkworld

Complete The Paradise Catacombs and equip the flashlight

If you need a flashlight check the section adquiring a flashlight

Miner’s Miracle – Bog Business

Tips to find the secret levels:

  • Reach the police car and go left between both hills
  • Find the Stone tunnel, go inside and go right
  • Keep going forwards until you reach the end and then move to your right

Cruelty Squad Secret Levels – Requirements

You will need tools like the flashlight or rewards like the divine link, so also check these tutorials:

Acquiring Flashlight

To find the Flashligfht you will need:

  • Find the Flashlight in the Androgen Assault level, follow the wall along to your right as soon as you spawn
  • From the room with open windows jump to the platform with x2 wooden planks
  • Defeat the enemy (he drops the flashlight)

Getting Divine Link

if you need a divine link, there are two methods:

  • Beat any incomplete level on Punishment mode
  • Use the Divine Link room around the starting area in the level Archon Grid

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