Cruelty Squad Weapons Locations

Cruelty Squad Weapons Locations

Last Updated on 6 June, 2022

Cruelty Squad Weapons Locations – Consumer Softproducts’s game – A guide with all the locations to unlock all the available weapons in the game . 

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Cruelty Squad Weapons Locations – Full List

These are all the weapons in Cruelty Squad:

  • Expandable Baton: The Expandable Baton is only found in the starting equipment. No enemy uses it, and it cannot be found in any level.
  • Balotelli Hypernova: Is held by certain police. Can be found on the desk of the upstairs target in Pharmakokinetiks
  • Riot Pacifier: Can be found in the level Androgen Assault, at the end of the crazy room through several green skull doors. Is also used by a few enemies in the level Bog Business
  • New Safety M62: Is usually carried by Police, Psychos and other minor enemies in various levels
  • Minato M9: Is held by the target in the Sin Space Engineering mission. Can also be found in a shipping container in that mission (first appearing in the Seaside Shock mission)
  • K&H X20: Carried by guards in most missions. At the earliest, can be obtained from the guard in the upstairs bathroom in Pharmakokinetics
  • Stern AWS 3000:
    • In Paradise, at the top of the large building
    • In Apartment Atrocity, on a table in a room one floor down from the start of the level
    • In Idiot Party, it is used by certain enemies
  • Security Systems Anti-Armor Device: In Pharmakokinetiks, if you have a Divine Link established, you can go through the white door with red spots on it in the room next to the target’s room
  • AMG4: Wielded by the Necromechs in various missions, notably Mall Madness and Apartment Atrocity. Also carried by some human enemies guarding the target in House, Idiot Party and Office
  • Precise Industry AS15: First found in Mall Madness, in the Pizza House on the first floor of the first dome of the mall. It will be the only open shop on this floor of this mall section. Wielded by enemies in Apartment Atrocity and Casino Catastrophe
  • Mowzer SP99:
    • Firstly, it can be found in Seaside Shock, near a window across from the first target. It is guarded by a guard with a Parasonic D2 Silenced Pistol.
    • Secondly, it can be found in Bog Business, being wielded by several Swamp Cultists throughout the map.
    • Lastly, it can be found in Casino Catastrophe, being wielded by a Swamp Cultist within the sewer section of the map
  • Security Systems Cerebral Bore: In Idiot Party, on the third floor
  • Spectacular Dynamics MCR Carbine:  within Idiot Party, and is used by many of the Elites within the level. It is also found within Archon Grid.
  • Bolt ACR: Found in Office, in a cubicle located on the first floor
  • Parasonic C3 DNA Scrambler: In Pharmakokinetiks, to the right when you start the level down the alleyway
  • Stern M17: The Stern M17 is wielded by the Shocktrooper enemy
  • BAG-82: Held by Transnistrian Fleshmen, a high-tier enemy found within Miner’s Miracle
  • BN-99: sed by the Darkworlder enemy, which can be found in various levels
  • Zippy 3000: This gun can only be found in Casino Catastrophe. At the back of the casino is a large slot machine that pays out with weapons. It has a 1/500 chance of dropping the Zippy 3000 as its jackpot
  • Flashlight:
    • Firstly, in Androgen Assault, there is a secret Darkworlder enemy holding the flashlight
    • Secondly, in Casino Catastrophe
  • Fiberglass Fishing Rod: within Sin Space Engineering. From the spawn, simply turn around and swim to the island in the distance
  • RPO-80 Sanitization System: go directly to the right after proceeding up the starting stairway in Alpine Hospitality
  • ZKZ Transactional Rifle: Hidden in Cruelty Squad HQ. Requires cursed mode, Death
  • Parasonic MP-1 Nailer: used exclusively by the Security Redefined guards in Neuron Activator and Trauma Loop
  • Raymond Shocktroop Tactical: unlocked in the player’s weapon menu after defeating the middle Triagon within the level House
  • Abscess Ironworks Lux ff374f727ce9d6de93be0793733c321: Check the Guide

Abscess Ironworks Lux ff374f727ce9d6de93be0793733c321 Unlock guide

In Trauma Loop, in the small rooms with the Golems and series of invisible floors you must jump over, there is a button that can activate an elevator floor. To get to this elevator, continue through this section then drop down into the room with a grassy cube. Go down into the tunnel past the Necromech waiting there and ride the elevator far far down. At the bottom, descend to the floor of the level carefully, and search for the poison pool with a small tower in it. The poison pools are to the right of the Cradle Of Life. Watch out for blue zombies. The tower should have bookshelves and tables, and the gun lying in the center, proffered for whoever should enter. It is hard to reach, but your consolation is that the end of the stage is very near, so once you have the gun, unlocking it is relatively easy.

Cruelty Squad Weapons Locations – Starting Weapons

These are all the starting weapons in Cruelty Squad:

  • Parasonic D2 Silenced Pistol: Part of the protagonist’s stock weapons kit, along with K&H R5, the Expandable Baton and the SNOOZeFEST Animal Control Pistol
  • K&H R5: The K&H R5 is one of the starting weapons, along with the Parasonic D2 Silenced Pistol, SNOOZFEST Animal Control Pistol, and the Expandable Baton
  • SNOOZFEST Animal Control Pistol: Starting equipment of the game. Can also be obtained from the gun slot machine in Casino Catastrophe

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