Crypt Game Map (2023)

Crypt Game Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

Crypt Game Map – Lower floor, Middle floor & Upper Floor Points of interest, Locations (Tomes, bridges, Lever, Keys, Keyholes)

Crypt Game Map – Lower Floor

Lower Floor Map with all the points of interest and locations:

In the lever room, switch the lever to this configuration and orient it after entering the lever room (R means lever faces right, L means plane faces left ).


From there, cross the bridge and head right forward, left forward, and the last ledge of the room. Do not remove the key. Instead, find a book and walk away. Note where the second key is. It is possible that he is on the first floor and under the second bridge he crossed when leaving the room. It’s shining, so look

Crypt Game Map – Middle Floor

Middle Floor Map with all the points of interest and locations:

The stone chamber is to the left of the four keyholes in the main chamber. Here, 3 blocks are stacked on top of each other and the correct permutation is required to unlock the key. You can find these symbols in The Maze, but you’re too busy to be a symbol-watching geek, so you brutally force a lock. Spin the upper block 5 times, and if nothing happens, spin the lower block once. After rotating the lower block 5 times, rotate the lower block. Continue this pattern until the wall behind the stone unlocks. Do not remove the key. Go to the maze instead. If there is a book in this

Crypt Game Map – Upper Floor

Upper Floor Map with all the points of interest and locations:

Mazes are very confusing. The maze he consists of three layers. This should probably match the stone room, but don’t worry. Check each tier (look for the tomb if you haven’t found it yet) and look for the small alcove. Inside is the key. If you can’t find the book, find it and return to the key room. Otherwise, it’s time to put your escape plan into action.

Video Guide

Check this video guide, by Valefisk:

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