Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough & Guide DMD

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Last Updated on 12 August, 2021

Welcome to Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest friendship and Love levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

The step by step Chapter 2 walkthrough below, other chapters:

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 14

  • Get up
  • Go talk to Jennifer
  • Hug her
  • (only in Georgina route) Kiss her > Grab…
  • (only in Georgina route) Kitchen
  • (Georgina route) Bathroom
  • (only in Georgina route) Bedroom
  • (only in Georgina route) Let her do it and tnjoy the scene (your choices)
  • Answer the phone
  • Open the door
  • Kiss her or Hug her
  • Go bring some wine
  • Kiss on the mo…
  • Interrupt him
  • Lay on the bed
  • Let her continue (Jennifer Romantic) or Reject Her (Reject Jennifer)
  • (Jennifer Romantic) Take her shirt
  • (Jen Romantic) Remove her arm
  • (Jennifer Romantic) Enjoy the scene, your choices, the only choice with consequences (different scenes) is Continue or Let Jennifer…
  • Get up and have a shower
  • Go back to the bedroom
  • Wake her up
  • Go to the office

Office – Noon DMD

This scene will change depending on the decisions you made in Chapter 1, and will have impact in the future. The Chapter 1’s key choices are:

  • You are in Daughter or Georgina’s path
  • You rejected Georgina or you didn’t
  • Georgina did it on day 7 or not

But it’s quite obvious, choose your path (Georgina or Daughter), then choose always the best for your path, rejecting everything in the other path. You can’t get the scenes of both paths in the same gameplay, so replay for the other path

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 15

  • Wake up
  • Get up
  • Have a bath
  • Turn the radio on
  • Lay down on the bed
  • Remove the towel
  • Start….> faster
  • Go to the hotel
  • Go find Daughter
  • Get out of the car
  • Pull over
  • Kiss Her
  • Touch B…
  • Drive her home or Take her to the hotel have consequences, see what happens and choose

Drive her home DMD

  • Give it to her
  • Talk about the job
  • Virtual Kiss
  • Choose your favorite part
  • Plans for tomorrow
  • Remove everything and enjoy your virtual date
  • Give it to her

Take her to the hotel DMD

  • Talk about the job
  • Plans for tomorrow
  • Massage = B + A + A again
  • Watch TV
  • Keep watching
  • Kiss her
  • Choose your favorite part
  • Touch B + A
  • Remove
  • Go down
  • Remove
  • Kiss her
  • Enjoy, but kiss her when you can and wash her B
  • Give it to her

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 16

  • Stay in bed a little longer.
  • Wake up.
  • Answer the phone
  • Choose F
  • Enter the studio
  • Buy the membership
  • Open the door
  • Kiss her
  • Cop…
  • Kiss her
  • Touch T or B
  • Talk about the food
  • Talk about Cassandra
  • Kiss Her
  • Cop or Touch T
  • Go to the library
  • Boost her up
  • Focus on D
  • Catch her
  • Hit the ball
  • Sorry, I was contemplating your beauty
  • Mini Game: back + Serve the ball slowly + Return the ball
  • Bribe the employee
  • Str*p Squash
  • Str*p Squash Mini Game: back + Serve the ball fast + middle + Extra scene for $20 Tier: front + Serve the ball fast
  • Wash her B or P
  • Talk about the food
  • Call the waiter
  • Complain
  • Fancy Places
  • Play with the food
  • Co***m
  • Talk about the Spa
  • Talk about Elena
  • Kiss her > Grab her B > Play with her N
  • Extra scene with Elena if you are on her route
  • Talk about the future
  • Take Pictures of the girls
  • Yes

Massage Contest DMD

  • 1st round: If you are on Elena’s path, she’ll choose you. Otherwise, she’ll choose D.
    • D massages E:
      • Do it
      • Stop
    • You massage E:
      • Massage her S
      • Massage her B (If you are on E’s path)
      • Feet
  • Second round: D always chooses you.
    • E massages D:
      • Massage her A (If you are on E’s path)
      • Fin… (If you are on E’s path)
    • You massage D:
      • Go down
      • Massage B
      • Massage F

Spa with D DMD

Just Enjoy the scene with your choices

Answer the Phone when you finish

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 17

  • Call him (If you chose Dad)
  • Beep the horn
  • Try again
  • Climb up
  • Look through the window
  • Cup B or A
  • Massage her B or A
  • Change the subject
  • Keep talking about M
  • If you like Cassandra, you can choose Stare at her A
  • Talk about the job
  • Talk about modelling
  • Tell her you are (Opens multiple path or a path with Cassandra) Tell her you’re not (Closes the paths)
  • Call Georgina
  • Can I see your bikini?
  • If you are on Georgina path:
    • Sure
    • Your B or P
  • Elena
  • Talk about this country
  • Countryside Trip
  • Talk about Daughter
    • Touch B
    • Touch P
  • Follow her
  • Touch P
  • In & enjoy the scene
  • Mention your new boyfriend
  • Open the door.
  • Kiss her
  • Actually, she’s my girlfriend
  • Look at the paintings
  • Encourage her
  • Get closer
  • Take a picture
  • Take a picture
  • Ask her what happened
  • Don’t agree
  • Grab B
  • Talk about school
  • Talk about the wine
  • Yes
  • Take a picture
  • Take a picture of her feet
  • Kiss her
  • Massage B
  • Size 5
  • Catch up to her
  • Get on top of
  • Kiss her feet
  • Kiss her neck & Enjoy
  • Local bar
  • Have a drink
  • Whiskey
  • Dance
    Grab B or A
  • Let’s chat
  • Elena
  • Working for Cassandra
  • Drive-In Theater
  • Ignore him
  • Offer her some driving lessons
  • Elena
  • Working for Cassandra
  • Talk about the bar
  • Kiss her
  • Touch B or P
  • Give her the note
  • Kiss her
  • Go in
  • Compliment her feet
  • Faster
  • Reassure her
  • Your choice & enjoy the scene

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 18

  • Get up and enjoy the scene
  • Shower: Cup B + Wash A + Play P + Grab
  • Kiss her be… + Make h…
  • Give her a kiss
  • Keep kissing her
  • Touch B
  • Lock the door
  • Don’t do it
  • Yes
  • Knock on the door
  • Lock the door
  • Your choice & enjoy the scene
  • Talk about school
  • Talk about leaving
  • about the festival
  • Wipe it off

Hotel Room Questions DMD

  • 1: Truth
  • 2: Truth = 1FP, but Dare = 2EXH + 1SHR
  • 3: Truth = 2FP, but Dare = 1LP + extra scene
  • 4: Truth = 3LP, but Dare = 3FP
  • 5: Dare
  • Stop it (stay on D path) or Let her continue  (open Sharing route with Elena)
  • Kiss her and enjoy the scene, for the best ending you have to be on the D route only and choose all dares during the previous questions

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 19

  • B or P
  • Yellow
  • Hold her W (+1LP), but hold her A (-1LP, +1AP & +1EXH)
  • Hold her hand
  • Take a photo
  • Catch her
  • Daughter or Elena
  • Yeah, why not?
  • Play with Daughter or Elena (depending on previous choice)
  • If Daughter kiss her & enjoy the scene
  • If Elena: just this once & enjoy the scene
  • Stump 1
  • Bull ride > choose Daughter > Lean back > Catch her
  • No, it’s perfect
  • Private photoshoot
  • Hair hanging shot or Hands behind back or Over the shoulder
  • Close-up shot or Legs cross shot or Lying on the bed
  • Bedroom: Just enjoy the scene

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 20

  • Go to the desktop
  • Answer the phone
  • Fix the top
  • Kiss her or Hug her
  • Different scenes (bed, shower, studio…) depending on previous choices: Just enjoy them, and make sure to choose
    • Tell her
    • Private photoshoot

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 21

  • Grab her hand
  • Kiss her
  • Call Georgina or Call Jennifer or Call Martin, depending if you are on their paths
  • Use 360 Defense
  • Use Open-hand strike
  • Knee strike
  • Tease her C & enjoy the scene
  • Enter the shower & enjoy the scenes: Shower, Movie, Bedroom, but after the bedroom scene, there is an scene where you have to make these choices to progress
    • Pen…
    • Keep G
    • Rub C
    • Fing…
    • Double F
    • Eas…
    • Kiss her
    • Puss it…
    • Stop
    • Slowly
    • Def…
    • Grab B
    • Start F
    • Faster
    • Pin… N
    • Make H C
    • Move her top
    • Hold your
    • Fing…A
    • Go d…
    • Harder

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 22

  • Get her up
  • Kiss her
  • B or A or P
  • Play with herA
  • F her P
  • Stand up… and enjoy the kitchen scene, and the next bathroom scene
  • Answer your phone
  • B or P
  • (requires Jen Path) Hug her
  • (req Jen Path) Allow her to or refuse (ends jen path)
  • (requires Jen Path) Hug her
  • Sofa scene: just enjoy it, and also the extra shower scene if you have enough A points
  • Make her walk alone
  • Act concerned
  • Be nice
  • Say nothing
  • Take a picture of the girls
  • Bed scene: jsut enjoy

Dating my Daughter Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Day 23

  • Morning bed scene
  • Wash B or A
  • There is an office scene only available if Martin compliment D at the
    office in Chapter 1
  • Let her answer: it will close any possible future scene featuring
    Martin and D
  • Answer for her: Keep the future scenes open
  • (Georgina path) Make it work > enjoy the scene
  • Bed with D
  • Coastline Trip or Inland Trip
  • Take his **** out
  • Say something romantic
  • Give her more advice
  • Motel scene

This is the end of DMD chapter 2

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  1. I can’t do any saves in this chapter…so it’s basically unplayable as even if I finish in one go I couldn’t then load a save into the next one….any ideas? It says something about not being able to find the location, but it all looks good to me.

  2. not sure why, but my start of day 16 is a lot different…especially for the dress choice…next answer you have is choose F…I have only A,B,C

    • The dress choice is missing in the walkthrough, choose F means choose father in a later choice. I was confused by it as well.

  3. hmmm, so the whole bit after the bull ride on day 19 until the ‘bedroom’ bit did not happen…no idea why

  4. Yeah, I agree with the previous poster – there’s a lot of smaller parts missing in this guide, such as the dress choices, and the evening of Day19.
    I wish the author would have spent a few minutes on formatting the text, so choices would be more obvious – a few places the different options are listed sequentially between the follow-ups to each choice, so it’s kinda hard to know what’s part of a group of choices, or what’s a list of events.
    It feels a little like it’s much more hastily written than the first one.
    One thing I would have liked to be included was the state of relationships (in Daughter’s panel, bottom left corner) – which state would trigger which responses from the game. But on the other hand, it’s given me the drive to run multiple run-throughs, once with each state (only Daughter, Daughter+Elena, Daughter+Jennifer, Daughter+Elena+Jennifer, etc)

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