Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough & Guide DMD

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Last Updated on 12 August, 2021

Welcome to Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest friendship and Love levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

The step by step Chapter 3 walkthrough below, other chapters:

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 28

  • Morning scene + Kitchen scene (at the end choose inside)
  • Be honest
  • He’s a little strange
  • Outfit 1 (3LP) or outfit 3 (+EXH)
  • Your choice
  • Down by the ocean or Head down the beach
  • Cream
  • Afternoon scene (Cream) > Apartment scene
  • Restaurant: Something clever (3LP) or Simple (3 sharing points)
  • Ask her to dance
  • Maybe just a little
  • Grabb A or B
  • Depending on yor previous choices: The Yoga Instructor (keeps martin path open) or Friends with Benefits or School after hours
  • Bed scene: To max LP Rim + kiss her or Vibrat + insid

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 30

  • Something else
  • Inside
  • Don’t tell him your secret (3LP) or Tell him your secret (3 sharing points)
  • Golden Sparkle
  • Don’t let her (3LP) or Let her (3 sharing points)
  • Join her
  • Elena’s plans / Talk about Rachel / Our plans
  • Agree or don’t: different scenes, but agree is better
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Her modelling
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Yes, of course
  • (D path exclusive) Our future together
  • (D path exclusive) Number 7
  • ( if you win darts) Push her
  • ( if you win darts) Stop the swing
  • (You win darts) Push the swing again
  • Bedroom Scene: Just enjoy it

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 31

  • High school / Protection
  • Shower scene
  • Not interested (closes MFF path) or I’ll think about it (open MFF path)
  • (Elena path) Don’t help Elena + Her T + Left (AP) or Right (Sharing Points)
  • Jennifer’s Uncle / Rachel / Modelling
  • Pharmacy / Rachel / Modelling
  • Your choice
  • Small dog
  • Daiquiri (+3LP) or Margarita (+3LP) or Old fashioned (+3Sharing)
  • Sometimes
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Beach scene
  • (Elena path) Game of twister
  • Scene depending on your path

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 32

  • Scene with Elena or Daughter depending on your path
  • Don’t let her (3LP) or Let her (3 sharing points)
  • You did the right thing (2LP) or He’s harmless (3 EXH points)
  • (Elena path) Shower scene
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Three-piece
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Daughter’s choice (+3LP) or Margarita (+3LP) or assandra’s choice (+3Sharing)
  • (Georgina & Daughter path) Sitting down
  • (If Jennifer & Elena path) Scene
  • Hide & Seek minigame: Look to your right + Door to the left + Go back outside
  • Evening D+F scene

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 33

  • Scenes depending on your path
  • Morning scene with daughter
  • Restaurant scene: choose The Photo Shoot > It’s part of the job
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Black > Flight Mode / Hands against the wal > Inside
  • (Daughter path exclusive) Exhibitionist
  • Night Club: Let her + Accept
  • (Daughter path exclusive) think we could + Scene
  • (Olivia + 3 path) I think we should

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 34

  • Talk about Margo > Kind OF +3LP or Yeah I do (Margo 3 path)
  • Studio: Back facing + Don’t do it + Living Room
  • Let her continue
  • Aim slightly left
  • (Margo 3 path) Accept
  • Scene: Margo 3 path or Daughter path
  • Martin scene if you are on his path: Let Martin compliment D at the office in Chapter 1 + watched yoga instructor (day 28)

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 35

  • Morning scene: At the beach> Tell her you lied > B
  • Take pictures of her
  • Full shot or Close up
  • ETAP shoot or Martin
  • Scenes if in Elena’s path, Jennifer’s path or both path
  • (Georgina path) Let him (keep 3 path) or Dont (close 3 path)
  • Face-to-face
  • Dinner: My plan > Be realistic > Exploring > Yeah I am
  • Change room: Touch P
  • Skating: Try something
  • Karaoke: Don’t join her + tell the truth
  • Motel scene: just enjoy

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 36

  • Surprise her
  • Call out to him
  • Relationships / Family
  • Nightclub scene: Your choices
  • (Martin/F sharing path) Ask him
  • (Martin/F sharing path) Make a suggestion (Keeps the path open)

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 37

  • Scenes depending on your path
  • (non elena path) Sauna: Right door + Rock the boat
  • (Elena path) Sauna: kiss your daughter or elena
  • Living room scene
  • Air Balloon: Speech #2
  • Depending on your path: Couples Performance (Touch B) / Three of a kind / Who’s That Man?
  • Evening scene

Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Day 38

  • Scene > Play with her A
  • (Martin/F sharing path) your choice > Offer to help
  • Beach: Accept
  • (Georgina path) Enjoy the scene, but choose Don’t C** and it will be better
  • If you are not in G path you will have an alternative scene

Day 39 DMD

  • Inside
  • If you are in Margo’s path choose Margo > Accept or Rejects leads to different scenes
  • Office scene: She IS
  • Dinner with Rachel: Hold her hand > Suggest a hug
  • (Margo 3 path) your choice
  • (NO Margo 3 path) enjoy the scene with daughter

Day 40 DMD

  • (Georgina path) Enjoy the scene
  • Hotel check in
  • Phone call
  • (Elena path) bedroom scene
  • (Jennifer path) bedroom scene
  • Hoter room scene

Day 41 DMD

  • Take the pill (Daughter wont fall pregnant) or Answer the phone
  • (Georgina path) Car scene
  • Butterfly scene: You did well + One step at a time + Kiss her
  • Hotel Room Party: Tell the truth + Do the dare
  • (Georgina path) dinner > your choices
  • (Cassandra path) Let her continue
  • (Georgina path) Beach scene
  • Film with ruby
  • (Martin/F sharing path) Martin’s fantasy

Day 42 DMD

  • Save before, because there are 4 paths and 4 possible final scenes
  • At the competition, after party: Ask Ruby / Ask Martin / Ask Ryan depending on your path, will have impact in the next update
  • If you chose Ask Ruby > Ask about Georgina OR Ask about Jennifer (better save and choose both )
  • Mansion Scene
  • Final x3 Scene
    • 1st: requires Ask Ruby + Ask about Georgina
    • 2nd: requires Ask Ruby + Ask about Jennifer
    • 3rd: requires Ask Ryan
    • 4th: requires Ask Martin

This is the end of DMD Chapter 3

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  1. Played through chapters 1 & 2 several times, it’s been a while and I’ve changed devices. I won’t play them anothr time, so how many maxium love and friendship points can you have at the start of chapter 3? Would be a huge help.

  2. Gotta love the logic that if you let someone complement your daughter youre also allowing them to sleep with her.

  3. Why do the choices for what she wears early not matter in the end, I tried to pick the least slutty option, but shes basically nude in the end. I didn’t want that.

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