Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough

Last Updated on 11 April, 2021

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Unlock all the events and scenes with Lydia, Vanessa, Jenna, Steph, Ellie, and all the characters

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 1

  • Give her a bonus
  • No, it was nice, don’t worry about it
  • Stare at her arse
  • Read about Charles Collier’s disappearance
  • Read about the TITAN Initiative
  • Offer to pay for her
  • PC > Work on any of the projects (pencil) > Betone > Bet on England
  • Search for Ellie Insta & See full picture (Repeat x3) & follow her
  • SAVE (Steph route 1) – Pub: Stay and watch the… (Steph route) or Go home (other girls route)
  • (Steph route) Well you look stunning > Ask for her number
  • (other girls route) Laptop > J…Off
  • Choose: Ellie’s Insta Pictures (+ Ellie) or Your ex-girlfriend’s…(+ Jenna)

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 2

  • (Steph route) Message > Hey Steph…
  • (other girls route) Choose: Strength (+ Strength) or Cardio (+ Cardio)
  • Stare at her b
  • How long have you been separated?
  • Where were you when it was taken? > Tell me about his > How long had they… (+Eve) > So you were still on good
  • Where did you go on the date > What was her name?
    • What type of car was it?
  • Can we stick to either facts > Why werent we shown… > That isn’t at all relevant > Enough… > Remain Silent
  • Open Ellie’s email
  • View the Birth Certificate > Autobiography > Marriage Certificate
  • There’s something wrong with the Marriage
  • Browse through your phone > Mas… > Instagram > Choose
    • Ellie’s (+Ellie) > I’d love to get to see even
    • Tanya’s (+ Tanya) > See Full x9
    • Fleur’s (+ Fleur) > See Full x9
    • Jenna’s (+ Jenna) > See Full x9

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 3

  • (if you have the chance) Delete the CCTV > Yes > The TITAN Vehicle
  • Choose any
  • Glance at Ellie’s ch
  • Well they say feeling good and looking good go…
  • You need to tell me the truth, I’m… > Say Nothing > Leave the room
  • Would you like a lift? I’ve parked just outside
  • I’d quite like to see you again actually
  • Sleep > Get dressed and head outside

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 4

Save: you can only date with Vanessa or Steph. To Date with Steph: Gentle Jog > How about you let me take…

  • Sprints (other girls route) OR Gentle Jog > How about you…(Steph route)
  • (other girls route) Hey, before you go, what are you up to this evening?
  • Eat Breakfast and leave
  • Stare at Ellie’s a
  • Leave the Court
  • Hug her
  • Check out their a
  • Go Home

Steph Date

  • Phone > Dinner
  • Focus on Stephyour meal
  • Stare at Steph’s ars
  • 21
  • Pay attention to Steph
  • Try to see down her dress
  • I’ll pay
  • Pay and leave the restaurant
  • Sounds like a plan
  • Let’s go
  • Give him directions to your flat
  • Do it!
  • Go to Sleep

Vanessa Date

  • Drive to the Restaurant
  • Look down Vanessa’s dress
  • Maybe, but I’m not promising…
  • Drive Home

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 5

  • Choose any > Eat Breakfast and leave
  • Wait until the traffic clears
  • Save if you want (1vs1 or 1vs2) We could always spend some time (Lydia route) or Why dont (Lydia + Yennifer route)
  • Head to the garage
  • Try and see if you can get into the club and find Ellie
  • Go inside
  • SAVE (Ellie, Others, or Tanya) Your choice: Dance with
    • Ellie (+5 Ellie)
    • Others: Choose Tanya and refuse her offer
    • Tanya (+5 Tanya):  Take up her offer > Follow Tanya > Scene > Just pick…> Go back to the bar
  • (Steph route) Let’s go out of here > Go home with Steph > Continue > Can I watch? > Go to sleep

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 6

  • Shower and leave for Ironstar
  • Check out Eve
  • Drive to garage
  • There was a note for eve
  • Finish driving home
  • Based on your previous choices:

Steph path

  • Phone message: Give you a bell
  • Go to Steph’s house
  • Hold her steady
  • Finish eating food
  • Everybody has a past I’m not going…
  • … tongue.

Vanessa path

  • Reply to vanessa
  • Sure.
  • Your choice
  • Check Tiffany out
  • Check out her backside
  • Control yourself.
  • Don’t stare at her in front of Vanessa.
  • Go home

Lydia path

  • Get Ready and got to the restaurant
  • After you Lydia
  • Eat your meal.
  • Check her out
  • There’s a taxi just over there
  • Go to Lydia’s.
  • Oh, we’re not done yet

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 7

  • (Requires strength >= 2) Aim straight between the posts
  • Leave it for Stanley.
  • Aim very slightly to the right as I’m right footed
  • Take a look down her shirt
  • Different scene depending on your previous choices (Steph, Van or Jenna)
    • Van: I don’t mind really.
    • Steph: Stephanie? > Relieve yourself. > Can you get it? > Stare at her a > When would I ever turn down > You haven’t left my mind all day Firmly gr…> Can I tie you up? OR Can I Pi, or How about S, or role play (brother & sister or daughter)
    • Jenna:  You haven’t left my mind all day Firmly gr…> No, nothing really. > What about bring > Can I tie you up? >• Can I p > What about bringing > • How about s > Roll > Brother & … > Okay, let’s go.

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 8

  • Head to Ernie’s House.
  • It could be useful, but I don’
  • Head to office
  • You look beautiful.
  • Not at all
  • Watch the CCTV with Ellie
  • Make it for three, I’ve got
  • Ask Ellie out to dinner
  • Head home
  • Pay and leave.
  • Drive Ellie home. or Drive to office

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 9

  • The haven’t threatened me yet, and they’ve…
  • Take her somewhere else… > I believe you get out…
  • Drive Elle home
  • Well if neither of us are doing
  • Drive home.
  • Love you too

Ellie Path

  • I’d better just grab a quick…heat to meet Ellie.
  • Walk Ellie back to her apartment
  • Your choice

Steph Path

  • I’d better just grab a quick…heat to meet Steph.
  • You’ve convinced me, lead the…
  • Smack
  • Sure, go ahead
  • Up to you…
  • This is a part of you that doesn’t have any…
  • I promise I haven’t.
  • Forcefully push yo…
  • We’re not done yet.
  • Use one of the w
  • Anything on it is hers, she c
  • Yes, Daddy or Sir (your choice)
  • Sit and watch the rest of the game with…

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 10

Steph Path

  • Find a shop and get Steph some flowers
  • Quietly have a look at the photos…
  • Ask Steph to move in with…

Ellie Path

  • Go down on Ellie and give her a surprise.
  • I’ll hold you to it, I can’t wait
  • Message: Wear something s…

Miss Franklin Path

  • Ok, I’ll see if she’s still around
  • I need to work
  • Make you way to work

Vanessa Path

  • Use ancient…
  • Your choice, better save watch the other and chooser Warn her!
  • Explain why you shouldn’t u
  • Tell Vanessa about C
  • Go home

Steph Daddy path

  • Play along with Steph’s roleplay
  • Yes

Steph Sir path

  • Very good indeed sl > your choices

Jenna Path

  • Call Jenna
  • Lead the way
  • Inside
  • Your choices

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