Disgaea 5 Leveling Guide

Disgaea 5 Leveling

Last Updated on 10 December, 2020

Disgaea 5 Leveling Guide – Best early game spots, and best tips to farm Exp in the final Martial Training Trial, the best post game spot

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Disgaea 5 Leveling Guide – General Tips

  • Unlock the cheat shop as soon as you can, then focus on farming Exp and also weapon mastery
  • The statistician innocents boost the Exp you earn, so you are going to need them. In fact, try to have 900 asap, but no more than 900, because addicional statistician won’t give you any benefit
  • To level up a character, there are only two ways: Combat + Boot Camp Squad
  • Boot Camp Squad Exp farming
    • Don’t put monster in magichange form as leaders
    • Statisticians won’t boost the exp earned, but you can boost the distributed exp, in the leader has a statistician
  • Epilogue: Complete it to improve the cheat mode obtain rate (1,000%), you will also need it to unlock additional trials & Carnage Dimension
  • Best farming spots: we will give you the best locations to farm Exp depending on your level, but you will always have to complete the boards once to unlock the farmable versión

Disgaea 5 Leveling Guide – Campaign

One of the best spots to farm Exp in the Early Campaign is Toto Bunny’s Cooperation Plaza stage. Because the enemies are in a simple cross formation and the geo panel is +50% experience

And for the Late Campaign, the best sport is the first Martial Training Trial. There are three Nether Nobles that are on +100% experience and +50% attack geo panels.

Both spots are really easy and profitable in terms of Experience

Disgaea 5 Leveling Guide – Post Game

You can keep farming in the Nether Noble Stage, but the fourth Martial Training Stage is even better. If you want a tip to farm in just one tun: have Usalia magichange with your damage dealer and then use Coney Pound

Best Spot –  Final Martial Training Trial

The best post game spot to farm Xp is the final Martial Training Trial. It is not as easy to farm as the previous spots, but you will earn more Exp than you need, in fact you can level up from level 1 to level 9,999 in just one round with these conditions:

  • Carnage dimension,  1 star, and also 900 statisticians
  • Elite Four or Boot Camp Squad,  2 star, and also 900 statisticians
  • 3 star difficulty

Some tips to farm this stage:

  • Board Killer evility: +50% attack against Lucky Boards
  • Equip the best gear and use the best squads
  • Magichange & buff your characters

If you still need help to complete this stage, check this farming video guide, by Dear Gamer


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