Doglife Achievements Guide

Doglife Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 21 November, 2021

Doglife Achievements Guide – All the achievements and how to unlock them, with tutorials for the hardest ones

Doglife Achievements Guide – Full List

  • & Stay Out!: Get kicked out on the street
  • 2-pc Wing Dinner: Eat a bird
  • A Clean Hit: Break someone’s bong
  • A New Leash on Life: Have your name changed
  • A Subtle Sting: Sniff a sweaty crotch
  • Addict: Develop a drug addiction
  • An Apple a Day: Get kicked out of the vet’s office
  • Around the Block: Live on 10 streets in one life
  • Authority Issues: Maul your owner to death
  • BDE: Big Dog Energy: Have a large dog submit to you
  • Bad Product: Get kicked out of the pet store
  • Birthing Company: Give birth to a litter of 3
  • Bustin’ Out!: Escape from home
  • Chicken Run: Have a run in with animal control
  • Complete a Life: Complete a full life
  • Delivered to the Heavens: Kill the mailman
  • Do It for the kids: Try to save a marriage
  • Family Ties: Successfully mate with an offspring
  • Fear the Fangs: Bite a tiger
  • Fertile Furball: Have 30 offspring in one life
  • Foam at the Mouth: Contract rabies
  • Funny Bone: Attack a clown
  • Furry Legend: Complete every other achievement
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Survive a gorilla attack
  • Here’s to Evolution: Have an interspecies tryst
  • Horndog: Have 10 mates in one life
  • Iatrophobia: Escape from the vet’s office
  • Infected!: Give rabies to another animal
  • Interbreeder: Climax while humping a human
  • Just Around the Riverbend: Cross a river safely
  • Life Sentence: Survive 10 consecutive years in the shelter
  • Love Wins: Support your owner coming out
  • Mature Mammal: See your 15th birthday
  • My Mane Man: Cuddle with a lion
  • Nonfatal Decision: Escape from the shelter
  • Nosed Around: Add 50 animals to your scent database
  • Not Very Lice: Get called a fleabiscuit
  • Not for Sale: Escape from the pet store
  • One Trick Pony: Master a trick
  • Over Sheltered: Get returned to the shelter
  • Pawcifist: Submit to an aggressor
  • Pleasant Perfume: Attract multiple males to your scent
  • Porcelain Springs: Drink out of the toilet
  • Quarter-centenarian: See your 25th birthday
  • Rabid Creature: Give rabies to a human
  • Revolving Merchandise: Get returned to the pet store
  • Ruh-roh, Raggy!: Have a paranormal encounter
  • Service Animal Certified: Save someone’s life
  • Show-off: Master 10 tricks in one life
  • Sly Cooper: Evade the animal catcher
  • Still Learning New Tricks: See your 20th birthday
  • That’s Amore: Slurp a spaghetti noodle
  • The Nose Knows: Locate a lost animal in your scent database (check the solution)
  • They See Me Rollin’: Go for a ride in a Rolls Royce
  • Time Traveler: Use the time machine
  • We are Castaways: Stow away on a ship to a distant land
  • Well-traveled: Emigrate with your owner
  • Why Is It Spicy?: Sniff an animal that smells like wasabi
  • Witchcraft: Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
  • ZAP!: Get struck by lightning

Doglife Achievements Guide – Guides

The Nose Knows achievement guide

Check this video guide, by Melcheco, to locate a lost animal in your scent database

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