Dragon Ball Idle Codes – March 2021

Dragon Ball Idle Codes

Last Updated on 2 March, 2021

Dragon Ball Idle Codes Updated – Popoh5 Limited mobile RPG game – Most of the codes will give you a bunch of Diamonds, tons of coins and some exclusive items

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – Valid Codes

Most of the codes will give you a bunch of Diamonds, tons of coins and some exclusive items

  • 96Ay4J3r: Code Reward: 400 Diamonds (New)
  • W3cDEiCU: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • K5kLgWAJ: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • j5kLiSQF: Code Reward: 800 Diamonds
  • Resource999: Code Reward: 199 Diamonds and also 9999 coins
  • B5kMAvGk: Code Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • L5kJb69m: Code Reward:
  • R6Ay878D: Code Reward: 700 Diamonds
  • Freepull30: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • R5kKCeDw: Code Reward: 200 Diamonds
  • b4PMjyud: Code Reward: 200 Diamonds

Codes don’t last forever, so redeem them before we include them in the expired list. We will keep both lists updated

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – Expired

These are all the expired codes so far:

  • q4PLYFVy: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • j4PNW4nV: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 36Aydrmi: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • w4tykxfd: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 4484iQ8d: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • j5kLiSQF: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 36Aydrmi: Code Reward
  • j4PNW4nV: Code Reward
  • q4PLYFVy: Code Reward
  • w4tykxfd: Code Reward

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – How to Redeem

Have you ever redeemed a code? If not, follow these steps:

  1. Player avatar: Click on the player avatar located in the upper left corner
  2. Redeem Code: Find and click on the Redeem Code button in the new menu
  3. Exchange: Input the code, press Exchange, and thats all

But take in mind that codes can only be redeemed once for each account

How to Play?

  • Fighters Collection: Dozens of fighters from different planets are waiting to meet you and join your team.
  • Gorgeous Battle:Each battle has the Super Ultimate skill. It can be triggered when the power is full. Show them how powerful you are!
  • Diverse Boss: Powerful enemy attacks. Together with global players to defend your homeland!
  • Rich Resources and Earnings: Numerous places are available to get resources to make you fighter more strong!
  • Exquisite battle Scenario: Designed with comic color and classic combat scene.

Come and prove your strength!!!

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