Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Shenron Wishes Guide

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Shenron Wishes

Last Updated on 11 August, 2020

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Shenron Wishes Guide – How to find the 7 Dragon Balls, How to summon Shenron, and Full List of Shenron Wishes explained

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Dragon Balls

If you want to summon Shenron first you need to collect the 7 dragon balls, and to find the dragon balls:

1- Progress through the story until you complete the Frieza Saga (the 2nd Saga). This step is required to unlock the dragon balls, once completed you can find them, before completing the Frieza Saga Dragon Balls simply cannot be found

2- Go to the world map and look for areas marked with an orange dragon ball icon. In these areas there will be at least one dragon ball. There are not specific spots, so simply look for the dragon balls in these areas.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Shenron Wishes

How Shenron Wishes work?

Once you have the 7 dragon balls, go to the pause menu – dragon balls, and choose your wish

Once you select your wish, you loose all the dragon balls you have fond. And if you want to make another wish, you have to wait 20 min and collect them again.

Shenron Wishes – Full List

  • Fighting a story boss of your choice again: Allows you to replay the hardest battles
    • Fight Raditz Again: Lvl 32 Side Quest To Beat Raditz Appears (Unlocks Raditz Soul Emblem)
    • Fight Nappa Again: Lvl 32 Side Quest To Beat Nappa Appears (Unlocks Nappa Soul Emblem)
    • FightDodoria Again: Lvl 32 Side Quest To Beat Dodoria Appears (Unlocks Dodoria Soul Emblem)
    • Fight Zarbon Again: Lvl 32 Side Quest To Beat Zarbon Appears (Unlocks Zarbon Soul Emblem)
    • Fight Ginyu Force Again: Lvl 34 Side Quest To Beat Ginyu Force Appears (Unlocks Ginyu Force Soul Emblem)
  • I want Z Orbs! – Gives you lots of Z Orbs of each color: 10k Green orbs, 10k Red orbs, 10k Blue orbs and also 10k Rainbow orbs. With the z orbs you can unlock and also level up Special Attacks.
  • I want to be Rich! – Gives you a lot of money = 30k Zeni. And with money you can buy materials from merchants marked on the map.
  • I want rare items! – A Bunch Of One Star Food And 5 Awakening Water + Superior Awakening Water. Rare items are very hard to find or obtain, but are very useful. With Rare items you can build vehicles later in the Cell Saga (3rd Saga).

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