Elex Safe Codes

Elex Safe Codes

Last Updated on 17 March, 2022

Elex Safe Codes – all the 4-digit codes you will need to open al the safes, electronic locks, keyed safes and doors

Elex Safe Codes – Map

This is the best safe codes and doors map out there. Click on the map to enlarge it. Look for the area where you have a blocked safe and enter the 4-digit code that we provide you

Credits to NeXuS23

If you have doubts, notice that from each 4-digit code a green line comes out that gives you the exact position of the locked safe or door

More Safes Locations and Codes

  • There’s 2 huge shutter doors close to volcano center (right of that ‘4979’ number), code for both doors is = 7817
  • There is a safe in the same building as the Raider Control Jet. Xacor, north of the Sourhern Pass teleporter = 6725
  • A second missing safe code, for the safe at the bottom of the collapsed dome east of the world heart in central Tavar = 5731
  • Safe guarded by a Slime Drakon in the elevated parking lot between two partially buried cars. Just south-southeast of the Ruins of the Dome teleporter. The code is 1893
  • Tavar – West of Southern Cliffs Teleporter, west of the T-intersection in the road. Under a guard/watch tower just south of the road = 8106
  • Small safe in parking lot, behind car, Northwest of Tavar Converter = 4835
  • Safe in Hangar bay by Hanger Teleporter = 9352
  • On the ground floor of the large brick building south of Thorald (Combination: 1848, chalked on the wall by the staircase)
  • On the porch outside Walter’s place in Ignadon (Combination: 7531, chalked on the rear wall of the building)
  • Ground floor of the mutant-infested house. South of the farmhouse by the Small Farm teleporter (Combination: 3327, chalked on a table)

If you know any other code that is not included in the map or in those that we have added later, we will be very grateful if you leave us a comment so that we can incorporate it into the guide.

If you have found a safe but the code does not appear in our guide, leave us a comment and we will try to find it

Elex Safe Codes – About

Normally there are three levels of difficulty to hack an Electronic Lock. The more difficult the better the reward, but you will have less time to hack it

If you come across a safe that requires a key, there is no way to hack it. The only way to open it is with the right key

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