End Times Badge Raise a Floppa

End Times Badge Raise a Floppa

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

End Times Badge Raise a Floppa – A guide to unlock one of the hardest badges of the game with some useful tips and video guides

End Times Badge Raise a Floppa – Solution

To get the End Times Badge > Duplicate the Time Cube.

To Duplicate the Time Cube:

  • You can obtain two extra time cubes in the “Eternity” ending.
  • Saving and turning Auto Save off before buying something with it is very important, as you can only use it once. After getting an ending, simply rejoin and buy the other ending via The Interwebs
  • When you insert the Time Cube inside the Item Duplicator, it will give you one more chance to proceed, so proceed

(You will lose the time cube upon death, but you will get it back when you rejoin)

Video Guide

Check this video guide, by OrionYeets, if you have any doubt about getting the End Times Badge and Ending

Other Raise a Floppa guides: Script Pastebin, How to get a Time Cube, How to get a Bone, How to get a Cursed AltarTime Machine Guide, How to get a Meteorite, All Recipes

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