How to get Meteorite in Raise a Floppa?

How to get Meteorite in Raise a Floppa

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

How to get Meteorite in Raise a Floppa – How, where and when to farm meteorites, one of the new in-game currencies for the UFO

How to get Meteorite in Raise a Floppa – Method

The method is really simple, since you just have to wait for meteors to rain. Normally, a meteor shower occurs every 10 minutes. When it happens go pick up the red debris at the impact site (on the ground), that’s the meteorite.

A meteor shower only happens at night and has a low-medium chance of occurring, after a meteor explodes, there is a 20% chance a Meteorite spawns

Once you have been able to collect your meteorite you can use it to buy things in the UFO

Video Guide

We leave you a video guide of MrNeble, in which you will be able to see that it is only a matter of time to be able to collect one or more meteorites:

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Raise a Floppa Social Media Channels:

  • Roblox Group:!/about
  • Discord: Floppa City
  • Twitter: @ShiiroShogun

We hope that the guide has helped you to get your first meteorite and to have been able to start buying in the UFO

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