Ender Lilies Spirits Locations

Ender Lilies Spirits Locations

Last Updated on 21 April, 2022

Ender Lilies Spirits Locations – Umbral Knight, x7 Main Skills & x18 Sub Skills. Find every spirit with our guide

Ender Lilies Spirits Locations – Umbral Knight

To upgrade the Umbral Knight > Ancient Souls

  • Umbral Knight: You obtain the Umbral Knight Spirit automatically at the start of the game.

Ender Lilies Spirits Locations – Main Skills

To upgrade the Main Skills > Furious Blight

  1. Gerrod, The Elder Warrior: Main boss in Cliffside Hamlet – immediately to the right of the Bridgehead respite
  2. Guardian Silva: Main boss in Catacombs – the closest accessible respite to her is the Great Hall, where you go down and then right to find her
  3. Knight Captain Julius: Main boss in Ruined Keep – in the area directly to the right of the King’s Chambers respite.
  4. Ulv, The Mad Knight: main boss in Twin Spires – his room is directly above the Mourning Hall respite at the top
  5. Dark Witch Eleine: main boss in Witch’s Thicket she’s in the map area down from the Coven Halls respite
  6. Hoenit, Keeper of the Abyss: main boss in Stockade – to the right of the Execution Grounds respite
  7. Faden, The Heretic: on a corpse after defeating the Verboten Domain’s main boss, Miriel, the Beloved – in the area to the left of the Subterranean Lab B5 respite

Ender Lilies Spirits Locations – Sub Skills

To upgrade the Sub Skills > Furious Blight

  1. Castle Town Maiden: go left, and then lower left, from the Guest Chambers Respite in the Ruined Keep or drop down from the Maelstrom Ramparts Respite
  2. Chief Guardian: You must have the Bloody Knight’s Claws ability and will have to scale the left wall within the Cathedral Cloister room
  3. Cliffside Hamlet Elder:  you must have the Executioner’s Hook and use the upper-left exit from the Bridgehead Respite, then take the upper-right exit
  4. Cliffside Hamlet Youth: in the White Parish – the closest respite to him is the Crossroads
  5. Dark Executioner: go to the Execution Grounds Respite in the Stockade, take the left exit, and then go through the top-right entrance.
  6. Elder Crypt Keeper: While at the Charnel Respite in the Catacombs, go left to find the Elder Crypt Keeper mini-boss
  7. Fallen Archer: From the Ossuary Respite in the Catacombs, take the bottom right exit and then the bottom one in the next room
  8. Fallen Sentinel: in the Ruined Keep area and can be found by going to the Bastion Gates Respite. Take the top-left exit with the Executioner’s Hook, and also do the same thing in the following area
  9. Floral Sorceress: In the Witch’s Thicket, from the Witch’s Hermitage Respite, take the right pathway and then go to the bottom-left of the next area
  10. Forsaken Fellwyrn: Take the right exit from the Monument of the Wind Respite in the Twin Spires
  11. Fungal Sorcerer: go to the Dryad Lake Respite in the Witch’s Thicket. Take the right exit, and then the top one in the following area
  12. Guardian Siegrid: after defeating boss in the Cathedral – right of the Cathedral Cloister respite
  13. Headless Defender: within the Cliffside Hamlett, take the bottom-left exit from the Bridgehead Respite.
  14. Hidden Test Subject: head to the Aqueduct Respite in the Stockade. And head out the right doorway. From there, take the top-right exit in the next room
  15. Incompetent Sinner: in the Verboten Domain and to the left of the Subterranean Lab B4 Respite, deep in the water
  16. One-Eyed Royal Aegis: Go to the Tower Alcove Respite in the Ruined Keep. But use the hook points to reach the climbable wall
  17. Verboten Champion: Verboten Domain (head to the Subterranean Lab B1 Respite, take the bottom exit and then head to the far right entrance in the following area. Once in the third room, navigate back to the start of the room until you come across a locked door)
  18. Western Merchant: From the Collapsed Shack Respite, take the top exit and then take the other entrance at the top of the next room

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ENDER LILIES is a dark fantasy 2D action RPG about unraveling the mysteries of a destroyed kingdom. On this sorrowful journey, encounter horrific enemies against whom a moment of inattention could be fatal. Overcome these hardships and also seek the truth with the help of fallen knights.

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