Epic Seven How to Get Mystic Medals Guide

Epic Seven How to Get Mystic Medals

Last Updated on 26 November, 2022

Epic Seven How to Get Mystic Medals Guide – There are enough free methods to affirm that we are not facing a pay to win

Epic Seven How to Get Mystic Medals – All Free Methods

These are the main methods to Obtain Mystic Medals:

  • Vagrant Merchant: Lists a random 50 Mystic Medals at their shop
  • Secret Shop: Lists a random 50 Mystic Medals at their shop
  • Merurin’s 11th and 25th Day Check-In Reward: Receive 50 Mystic Medals every 11th and 25th day of the month.
  • Guild War Reward: Every time a guild war is finished you can receive Mystic Medals as reward, depending on your Guild’s ranking, your Guild won or lost, and your performance
  • Shop  – Mystic Pack: Buy Mystic Pack at the shop using real money
  • Arena: From 25 to 330 weekly Mystic medals depending on your rank
  • Hunts: Every Hunt from Stage 7 onwards has a chance to drop Mystic Medals after defeating the boss
  • Abyss: Clear Floor 88, Floor 99, Floor 109, Challenge Mode Floor 1, Challenge Mode Floor 3, Challenge Mode Floor 5, Challenge Mode Floor 7, and Challenge Mode Floor 9 to get Mystic Medals

Secret Shop Farming

Use x3 Skystones to refresh the items in the shop. At level 13 Mystic medals appear one in 1000 times, so the chances are really low. But it is much easier to farm SkyStones, you can get them through these methods:

  • Upgrade Your Heart of Orbis to Max Level
  • Clear Adventure Stages
  • Collect Star Rewards
  • Do Your Dailies
  • Collect Quest Rewards
  • Collect Reputation Rewards
  • Participate in Events
  • Rank Up in the Arena
  • Keep an Eye Out for Chests
  • Login Everyday

Epic Seven How to Get Mystic Medals – With Real Money

In case you give up and prefer to buy, this is what the Mystic Packs and the Relay Summon Packs contain:

  • 1st Mystic Pack: x100 Mystic Medals & x120 Skystones
  • 2nd Mystic Pack: x320 Mystic Medals & x360 Skystones
  • 3rd Mystic Pack: x600 Mystic Medals & x600 Skystones
  • 4th Mystic Pack: x1400 Mystic Medals & x1200 Skystones
  • Special Mystic Pack: x200 Mystic Medals & x0 Skystones
  • 1st Relay Summon Pack: x100 Mystic Medals
  • 2nd Relay Summon Pack: x200 Mystic Medals
  • 3rd Relay Summon Pack: x400 Mystic Medals

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Is it worth spending real money?

We are not going to tell you not to spend real money, it is what makes the creators of Epic Seven (Super Creative) able to pay the salaries that are necessary to maintain and improve the game, but of course it is not necessary.

There are enough methods to get Mystic Medals for free, so if you are going to spend real money, let it be for something very specific, or as part of a planning.

Explore all the free methods that we have explained to you and calculate how many monthly mystic medals you can get. Once you have made the calculation, buy the ones that are necessary to meet your goals.

What we do believe is a mistake is spending real money without having explored the game, and what we recommend you to be careful about is how you spend the medals, it costs a lot to earn them.

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