Epic Seven Reroll Guide

Epic Seven Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Epic Seven Reroll Guide – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List (Heroes ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

The process to reroll is very simple, you will get 30 opportunities in just over half an hour of play

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Epic Seven Reroll Guide – Steps

These are the steps to Reroll

  1. Launch Epic Seven on your Device using a Guest Account
  2. Progress to 1-4 in Adventure Mode
  3. Reroll using freebies:
    1. Clear out your inbox and see what pops up
    2. Redeem all the available codes for more freebies > Valid Codes
  4. Complete 1-10 and roll selective summoning (x1 5 stars in the max for each roll)
  5. If you are happy with the results > Set your nickname and bind the account to an email adress
  6. If you are not happy with the results
    1. Open the blue menu (Lobby screen > Top right)
    2. Select settings
    3. Tap on Reset account data (red button)

Epic Seven Reroll Guide – Target

Our best start is simply for Selective Summon. The true hardcore start will be to re-roll with Covenant Bookmarks until you get a Moonlight Hero 5 Star hero. That will take quite some determination and time

The 5 stars pool for Selective Summoning is limited to Heroes who were on Rate Up before the Global server launch. This “initial” pool has not changed since the introduction of Selective Summoning.
And this is the Tier List of the 5 star heroes you can get:

  • Tier S: Ken, Basar & Tywin
  • A Tier: Vildred, Sez, Ravi & Iseria
  • B Tier: Destina, Aramintha & Sigret
  • C Tier: Ludwig & Chloe
  • D Tier: Charlotte, Baal & Sezan

4 star Hero Clarissa + 5 star Hero Sigret is one of the best starts in the game, because:

  • Both Clarissa and Sigret are one of the best heroes for Wyvern Hunt
  • Sigret can deal with Arbiter Vildred in early game with Extinction
  • All the Healers and Tanks can be obtained through Connection Heroes
  • Best Farmers are given to you through Connections

Tier List

In case you want to have the complete picture, we show you the Complete Tier List:

Tier S:

  • Krau > Hero Class: Knight
  • Yufine > Hero Class: Warrior
  • Martial Artist Ken > Hero Class: Warrior
  • Specter Tenebria > Hero Class: Mage
  • Auxillary Lots > Hero Class: Mage
  • Luluca > Hero Class: Mage
  • Vivian > Hero Class: Mage
  • Landy > Hero Class: Ranger
  • Seaside Bellona > Hero Class: Ranger
  • Roana > Hero Class: Soul Weaver
  • Ruele of Light > Hero Class: Soul Weaver
  • Vildred > Hero Class: Thief
  • Arbiter Vildred > Hero Class: Thief

Tier A, B, C & D:

Epic Seven Tier List

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