Era of Althea Best Traits & Tier List

Era of Althea Best Traits & Tier List

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Era of Althea Best Traits & Tier List – Elven Blood, Blade Master, Resilient, Alchemist, Game Addict, Smith & Traitless

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Era of Althea Best Traits – Tier List

A ranking or tier list of the best traits with brief explanations of their strengths

  • S Tier: Elven Blood (Mana Boost), Blade Master (Weapon Mastery & Damage) & Resilient (Block Bar)
  • A Tier: Alchemist (Fast Potions) & Game Addict ( Xp)
  • B Tier: Smith (Success Rate)
  • D Tier: Traitless (Nothing)

Races & Traits Combos

You can use traits to compensate for a race’s weaknesses and make it more balanced, or to enhance its strengths and make it even more powerful. We recommend the latter, and following the recommendation there are some very clear combos to make your race even stronger.

  • Elf: Elven Blood
  • Jakkon: Blade Master or Resilient
  • Xoviaks: Any tier S trait
  • Noble: Any tier S trait
  • Liger: Any tier S trait
  • Human: Any tier S trait

Era of Althea Best Traits – Boost Description

This is exactly what you get with each boost

  • Traitless: Does nothing, But you become a chad gamer.
  • Game Addict: 1.5x Exp Boost
  • Smith: Acts similar to the smith gamepass, but gives an additional 10% success chance
  • Alchemist: Lets you use potions faster, You become a Witch from minecraft.
  • Elven Blood: Massive Mana boost
  • Resilient: Doubles your block bar
  • Blade Master: 2x Weapon Mastery and Weapon Damage increase

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