Era of Althea Best Snap & Tier List – Roblox Easy Guide

Era of Althea Best Snap & Tier List Roblox Easy Guide

Last Updated on 6 February, 2023

Era of Althea Best Snap & Tier List – Roblox Easy Guide. Necromancy, Gravity, Time, Anti-Magic, Spatial, Heavenly Body, & more…

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Era of Althea Best Snap – Tier List

A ranking or tier list of the Best Snap with brief explanations of their strengths. Here is our list of Snap tiers, listed from C-Tier to S-Tier.

  • S Tier: Necromancy, Anti-Magic, Time, Gravity
  • A Tier: Spatial, Sound, Heavenly Body, Compose, Trap, Star
  • B Tier: Explosion, Frost, Wind, Water, Demon, Shadow
  • C Tier: Fire, Dark, Light, Healing, Lightning

In Era of Althea, the kinds of magic you may use determine the kinds of spells you can learn. As you fight adversaries all around the map, each of them helps you, but some of them actually deal more damage or function more effectively than others.

Re-rolls get Snap by chance

  • Necromancy is the boss drop (Only when fighting Bone Tyrant with Dark equipped)
  • 1% > Mythical: Time, Gravity, and Anti-Magic
  • 3,5% > Legendary: Shadow, Star, Spatial, Demon, Sound
  • 5% > Rare: Compose, Heavenly Body
  • 15% > Uncommon: Explosion, Healing, Frost
  • 65% > Common: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind

Re-rolls and the beginning of the game both offer the chance of receiving a Snap. The Snaps, however, come in a variety of rarities that alter the likelihood and frequency of rolling them. The rarities of each are as follows.

Change your Snap

You can also try re-rolling if you’re not satisfied with your original Snap in an effort to achieve a better rarity or a different option. To achieve this, press M on your keyboard to bring up the menu, click the dollar sign with the arrows around it to bring up the Shop, and then choose Snap Respin. At the top, it will display your available number of spins. If you don’t already have any, you can get some by participating in the daily reward roll, using some in-game codes, or by using Robux to make a purchase. For 50 to 1,000 Robux, you can purchase 50 to 100 spins.

Share your Snap rankings in the comments, even if you are or not lucky. Have fun!

Era of Althea Best Snap – About

The fantastic role-playing game Era of Althea on Roblox is full with magic and adventure. Start your own adventure at random with a random Trait, Race, and Snap. Then, as your narrative unfolds, battle formidable foes, complete missions, and explore the expansive fantasy world. You can only use the best equipment when facing enemies because your Snap dictates what magic you may use.

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