Everhood Gem Locations

Everhood Gem Locations

Last Updated on 11 March, 2021

Everhood Gem Locations – Find the Ruby, the Aquamarine and the Emeral, then insert every gem inside the statue

Everhood Gem Locations – Ruby

Find the 7 mushrooms in Mushroom Forest > Talk to the spirit > Go through the new opened path until you find a thin mushroom > fight the thin mushroom it will drop the Ruby once defeated

Everhood Gem Locations – Aquamarine

Go to the first area of the Mushroom forest > Go to the left side of the area and find the door that requires the golden key > on the other side of the door there is a path, follow it until you find the jump rope > Interact with the jump rope and defeat it > At the end of the new path there is a door, open it with the stolen arm adn find the aquamarine in the next room

Everhood Gem Locations – Emerald

The emerald is inside the chest you will find in the shop at Midnight town, but you will need the golden key to open it. Before opening the chest save your game, because immediately after you will have to defeat the Light being, and if you fail you will have to reload from your last save


You will find he statue in the cosmic hub, if you don’t, leave the cosmic hub and come back until it shows up. Once it shows up, interact with the statue and place / insert the gems

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