FFX Airship Codes & Coordinates

FFX Airship Codes passwords coordinates

Last Updated on 20 January, 2021

FFX Airship Codes & Coordinates – Use them to reach all the hidden locations and to collect some of the best secret rewards of Final Fantasy X Remastered

There are 2 types of codes in Final Fantasy Remastered, the codes and the coordinates, but use them all to get some of the best in-game items, equipment and weapons

You can search for the clues if you want, but we are only going to provide you the Passwords, Coordinates and Locations, this is not a clues guide, and of course there are tons of spoilers:

You can also visit the FFX Jecht Spheres Locations guide

FFX Airship Codes – Passwords

These are the 3 passwords, the places where your team will be teleported, and also the Weapons & Armors you can get there:

  • GODHAND: This code will teleport you to Mushroom Rock Road, there in the chest, you will get the Godhand Celestial Weapon
  • VICTORIOUS: This code will teleport you to Besaid, there in the chest, you will get the Rikku’s Armor
  • MURASANE: This code will also teleport you to Besaid, but to a different are, where you will get the Auron’s Weapon Murasame

To use the passwords just open the Airship console > select “Input” > Enter the Password as  “Entry” > Select Confirm

FFX Airship Codes – Coordinates

These are 6 coordinates, also the rewards you can get once there

  • Sanubia Sands – Coordinates  = X12,Y44 – Loot = Tidus’ weapon Ascalon.
  • Battle Site – Coordinates  = X39,Y59 – Loot = Lulu’s Armor Phantom Bangle
  • Mi’ihen Ruins – Coordinates  = X33,Y55 – Loot = Rikku’s Weapon Sonar
  • Besaid Falls – Coordinates  = X29,Y74 – Loot = Kimahri’s Weapon Dragoon Lance
  • Omega Ruins – Coordinates  = X69,Y32 – Loot = Dungeon with Super Boss and tons of rewards
  • Baaj Temple – Coordinates  = X11,Y57 – Loot = Temple where Anima is

To use the passwords just open the Airship console > select “Search” > Enter the values of the X & Y coordinates

Video Tutorial  – Passwords & Coordinates

If you need help using the codes (passwords or coordinates check this video from the youtuber Couch Party

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