FFX Jecht Spheres Locations

FFX Jecht Spheres Locations

Last Updated on 20 January, 2021

FFX Jecht Spheres Locations & Map – Collect all the Jecth Spheres unlock all of Auron’s overdrives and also the Messenger from the Past’ Steam Achievement

There are 10 Jecht Spheres to find, once you collect them all you will also unlock the Messenger from the Past’ Steam Achievement

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FFX Jecht Spheres Locations – Macalania Woods Sphere

You will get this Jetch Sphere automatically during your gameplay. Once you reach Macalania Woods in the map, just defeat the boss of Macalania Woods

FFX Jecht Spheres Locations – Besaid Village Sphere

Beside the Temple in Besaid Village. Tip: Before you get the airship, backtrack to get this Jetch Sphere, because if you get the airship before collecting it you will have to beat Dark Valefor

FFX Jecht Spheres Locations – SS Liki Sphere

You have to travel to Besaid, and there take the ship to Killika, once inside the ship find the Jetch Sphere in the captain’s cabinet

FFX Jecht Spheres Locations – Luca Sphere

Outside Auroch’s locker room (in the back of the hallway). To reach Auroch’s locker room: The area on the right side of the stairs at the back from the main hub of the area

Mi’hen Highroad Jecht Sphere

Find it in the southernmost end of the Mi’hen Oldroad near the chest containing the Mars Crest. To get there reach the Mi’ihen/Mushroom Rock checkpoint and go southeast

Mushroom Rock Road Jecht Sphere

Remember where you spoke to Luzzu last time? There is a large elevator that led to the prepping area for Operation Mi’hen, the Jecht Sphere is south from the large elevator

MoonFlow Jecht Sphere

Near the tent in the Moonflow’s South Wharf, very close from the Save Sphere

Southern Thunder Plains Jecht Sphere

Eastern part of the southern Thunder Plains, about half way to the Travel Agency, and also near to a lightning rod

Macalania Woods South Jecht Sphere

Go to the entrance of Macalania Woods, once there to the right of the Save Sphere, but you can just go east from the entrance of Macalania Woods

Mount Gagazet – Braska’s Jecht Sphere

Down the thin northwestern path on the Mount Gagazet Trail. It is not easy to explain how to get there, so for this jecht sphere better watch this video guide made by the youtuber Akamatzu

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