Final Gear Quiz Answers

Final Gear Quiz Answers

Last Updated on 14 January, 2022

Final Gear Quiz Answers – Hall of Fame Trivia Solutions – All the Questions and Answers, get the answers right to get rewards

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Final Gear Quiz Answers – Full List

Question: Who founded Blacark?
Answer: Zero

Question: Who is the captain of “Health and Happiness Sisterhood”?
Answer: Favia

Question: Who has Leight trying to avenge?
Answer: Her father

Question: Who is the Exclusive Pilot of Cerberus?
Answer: Bernadette

Question: Who is the captain of Special Forces Akarna?
Answer: Leangle

Question: What is Favia’s Height?
Answer: 170 cm

Question: What is the name of Evelynn & Carol’s Exclusive Mecha?
Answer: White Crow MK II

Question: What does Aya Kujyou like?
Answer: Flower

Question: What is the Mercenary Team that Evelynn is in?
Answer: Blacark

Question: What are the Three main forces?
Answer: Hexel, Kegha, Arita

Question: What will Sweety do if you upset her?
Answer: Cry

Question: What is Chilino’s role in Steel Witch’s team?
Answer: Good-natured mechanic

Question: What is Helena not good at?
Answer: Calming down

Question: What is Xime’s username?
Answer: Fast Bunny

Question: What does Bathtory like to begin sentences with?
Answer: In theory

Question: What training did Nizzy do to become a flawless combatant?
Answer: Testing combat machines

Question: What is Coreleah’s official position?
Answer: Commander of the Northern Army

Question: What family does Sumora belong to?
Answer: Designers’ family

Q. What is your relationship with Akari Onikage?
A. Half brother and sister

Question: What is not included in Aita’s hobbies?
Answer: Drinking tea and reading newspapers

Question: What happened to Cynthia’s sister?
Answer: She was seriously ill

Question: What is Rebeyrca’s nickname?
Answer: Valkyrie

Question: What pet does Esmeralda prefer?
Answer: Cats

Question: What special talent does Patti have?
Answer: Photographic memory

Question: What creature is Evelynn?
Answer: AI

Question: What is not included in Aya Kujyou’s hobbies?
Answer: Swordplay

Q. What is Illeheath’s hobby?
A. Collecting screws

Question: What is the name of Eggy and Peggy’s duo band?
Answer: Aperi

Question: What is Sinori’s height?
Answer: 130 cm

Question: What is Shyaditty’s cup size?
Answer: A-Cup

Question: What is Veronica’s hobby?
Answer: Collecting antiques

Question: What is the name of the group founded by Alexa?
Answer: Shapeshifter

Question: What did Viorate used to be?
Answer: A slave in Kegha

Question: What does Rinbell prefer to research?
Answer: Hybridization

Question: What food does Shmily prefer?
Answer: Vegetarian meals

Question: What does Evelynn like?
Answer: Video games

Question: What is not included in the tasks of Favia’s squad?
Answer: Sweeping

Question: What does Ada dislike?
Answer: Studying

Question: What does Murasaki dislike?
Answer: Cockroaches

Question: What does Memay dislike?
Answer: Strangers

Question: What does α-16 dislike?
Answer: Routine maintenance

Question: What does Danngo Kobayashi dislike?
Answer: Eating without water

Question: What did Taysia used to be?
Answer: An aristocrat

Question: What is Miroa’s official position?
Answer: Minister of Intelligence

Question: What is Lin Beier’s research field?
Answer: Fusion experiment

Question: What is Miloa’s job?
Answer: Information Department Manager

Question: How tall is Snowy?
Answer: 130 cm

Question: How tall is Amber?
Answer: 149 cm

Question: How many times has Jasmine been married?
Answer: 6

Question: Why Dolores doesn’t like fighting?
Answer: Afraid of getting dirty

Question: Where was Jessie once patrol as a patrol officer?
Answer: The Desert

Question: Where did Nova emerge from?
Answer: Corbero

Question: Where was Bernadette transferred as a bodyguard?
Answer: Devil’s Order

Question: Where did the name ComiBoni originally come from?
Answer: From a hamster and a goldfish

Question: When is Elizabeth’s birthday?
Answer: 24/2/2021

Question: When did Margaret become the personal guard of the princess?
Answer: At 20

Question: Which side did Natasha once work for?
Answer: The North

Question: Which institute created Ariel?
Answer: Shedd Institute

Question: Which part of the combined mech does Blade control?
Answer: Frame

Question: Which mercenary group is PN26 Illeheath from?
Answer: Paranoid

Question: In which area has Yogui shown an incredible talent?
Answer: Music

Final Gear Quiz Answers – How to?

Steps to complete the Quiz:

  1. Launch Final gear on your device
  2. From the main screen expand the menu and tap on Hall of Fame (Trophy Icon)
  3. Tap on the Quiz button (on top)


Every day you enter the quiz you will have 5 random Final Gear Quiz Questions. If any of the questions they ask you are not in the previous list, we will appreciate if you leave us a comment and we will try to find the answer

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