Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – All Recruitable Characters

fire emblem engage recruitment guide

Last Updated on 23 January, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – A short guide about how to recruit the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Enjoy it!

As you move through Fire Emblem Engage, you can unlock a variety of characters. The easiest way to find these characters is to complete the game; as you do, more and more of them will join your group as the plot progresses. But you can find a few of them by looking about the globe and completing the “Paralogue” side tasks. The following info is relevant to each character that may be recruited in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Recruitment Guide – Recruitable Characters

Only five characters in the Paralogue tasks require special effort to find. You must not only finish the Paralogue when these characters emerge, but you must also make sure that a particular member of your party interacts with them. The character won’t join your party if they haven’t had a chance to speak with them before the quest is over. If a party member wants to speak with that recruitable character, they must stand next to them and take the one-turn-long Talk action.

These are all the characters that can be hired for Fire Emblem Engage, along with information on how to recruit them.

  • Anna – The Mysterious Merchant Paralogue introduces Anna. Make sure your main character approaches her throughout this mission to recruit her.
  • Jade – In A Clash of Forces, Jade makes an appearance; Diamant must speak with her.
  • Jean – In the Budding Talent Paralogue, Jean makes an appearance protecting a village. Before the mission is over, you must have your main character speak with him.
  • Saphir – You must have your main character speak with Saphira in order to finish The Dead Town.
  • Seadall – You must have your main character chat with Seadall in order to have them in your party when they emerge during the Dancer in the Ruins mission.

With the exception of Jade, who needs Diamant, the rest of these characters depend on your main character being present to Talk with them.

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