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Last Updated on 17 September, 2023

Forager Puzzle Guide – Solutions to every puzzle in every Biome – Grass, Desert, Graveyard, Winter & Fire

Forager Puzzle Guide – Grass Biome

Four Pillars Puzzle

Hint: See the symbols (numbers) on the top mof the pillars?

Puzzle solution: Interact with the pillars from 1 to 4

Reward: Chest

Rainbow Puzzle

Hint: Notice there are mushrooms with the Rainbow’s colours

Puzzle solution: Match the rainbow colours starting from the top – Red, Orange, yellow, green & purple

Reward: Chest

Forager Puzzle Guide – Desert Biome

Ancient Galaxy Puzzle

Hint: The pattern you need is outside the ancient galaxy

Puzzle solution: move the electric blocks nearby the batteries to create the same pattern you can find outside the ancient galaxy, then power up the squares missing from the pattern

Reward: Ancient Galaxy Seal, 1 Big Chest, and also 4 Small Chests.

Eye Statue Puzzle

Hint: Too easy

Puzzle solution: Use your bow and shoot an arrow at the eye

Reward: Chest

Moon Sword Puzzle

Hint: You need a sword…

Puzzle solution: Learn Combat Skill > Craft one Sword at the forge > Wait until nigfht > hit the obelisk with the sword

Reward: Chest

There is secret where flowers don’t live Puzzle

Hint: there are 2 requirements, you need a shovel & the farming skill

Puzzle solution: Meet the requirements > read the sign again > dig the spot without flowers > dig up 4 tiles and get the chest

Reward: Chest

The Battery Puzzle

Hint: You need a lighning element effect (any)

Puzzle solution: Complete the Ancient tomb dungeon to get the thunder rod

Reward: Chest

Forager Puzzle Guide – Graveyard Biome

Skull Braziers Puzzle

Hint: You need a fire weapon (sword, bow or also pickaxe)

Puzzle solution: Light up the four braziers with a fire weapon

Reward: Chest

Bells Puzzle

Hint: Read the sign & follow the pattern

Puzzle solution: low lines = low note, middle lines = middle note & high lines = high note

Reward: Chest

Gem Pedestals Puzzle

Hint: Match gems & pedestals

Puzzle solution: Insert the gems in the pedestals according to their colours

Reward: Chest

Skull Galaxy Puzzle

Hint: Sign of each pedestal = item to place

Puzzle solution: Left pedestal = Bottled water (craft bottle at the forge and collect water with it), top pedestal = key, right pedestal = paper wich crafter at the inscription table, bottom pedestal = fish

Reward: Skull Galaxy Seal, Spirit Orbs, also x4 chests containing gems.

Forager Puzzle Guide – Winter Biome

Stone Princess Puzzle

Hint: Requires Cinderbloom

Puzzle solution: Get Cinderbloom from the Fire Biome Lands, interact with the stone princess and place the cinderbloom

Reward: Chest

Frozen Galaxy Puzzle

Hint: Translate binary code

Puzzle solution: Set the computers to 5, 3, 4, 2, 4.

Reward: Frozen Galaxy Seal, Heart Container, also x4 chests with Coins and Gems

Frozen chest Puzzle

Hint: Requires a fire weapon (sword, bow or also pickaxe)

Puzzle solution: Attack the frozen chest with a fire weapon

Reward: Chest

Forager Puzzle Guide – Fire Biome

Code Switches – Fire Temple Puzzle

Hint: Hard to explain, you need to take notes of every 3 digits code you see carved on the ground on all the different lands

Puzzle solution: Press the buttons in order, as shown in this image (by pwrdown)

fire temple puzzle

Reward: Chest

Chest on Fire Puzzle

Hint: You need to put down the fire

Puzzle solution: Use a bottled water or an ice weapon

Reward: Chest

Fire Galaxy Puzzle

Hint: The objective here is to turn off every lantern, but this one is hard

Puzzle solution: Check this video guide and learn how to solve it

Reward: Fire Galaxy Seal, Heart Container, also x4 chests.

Lights out Puzzle

Hint: Another hard one

Puzzle solution: use this website, select 4×4 > press edit > input the pattern > press solve

Reward: Chest

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