Forgotten Memories Badges Guide

Forgotten Memories Badges Guide

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

Forgotten Memories Badges Guide – Discover how to unlock all the badges in the game, how many there are, and which ones you still have to get

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Forgotten Memories Badges Guide – All Badges

These are all the badges, we explain how to get the ones that are not very clear in the descriptions:

  • Complete Night 1: You’ve completed your 1st night on the job! Congratulations! – until 6am
  • Complete Night 2: You’ve completed your 2nd night on the job! Good to see you’re still alive – until 6am
  • Complete Night 3: You survi- I mean completed your 3rd night on the job. Impressive! – until 6am
  • Complete Night 4: You completed your 4th night on the job! Most people don’t make it this far.. I mean.. They usually “quit” heh… – until 6am
  • Complete Night 5: – …. . -.– / .- .-. . / ..-. — .-.. .-.. — .– .. -. –. / -.– — ..- – until 6am
  • Welcome!: Enjoy your stay! – Just Play the game
  • 20×6: Complete Custom Night on 20×6.
  • bWVtb3J5: ? – Reach the secret back room
  • [NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 3: Maybe it’s just a fluke…
  • [NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 4: Now you’re seriously scaring me
  • [NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 5: You are a world class security guard!
  • Evaded Marionette: You successfully evaded an attack by the Marionette
  • Why. . .: You’re selfish – Refuse to sign the contract at the end of Night 3

We will update this guide with future badges

Video Guide

In case you have any questions about how to get any of the badges, we leave you this Rainn_sq video guide

About Forgotten Memories

Story: After a group of friends take a security job at an abandoned pizzeria. They slowly start to uncover the mystery behind the abandonment of Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

This game contains jump scares, flashing lights, and loud noises that may not be suitable for players with heart conditions and/or other medical conditions.

Credits to Scott Cawthon for the creation of the original “Five Nights at Freddy’s” media franchise.

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This game is in BETA. Expect bugs.
Headphones recommended.
A 50% or more graphics level is recommended for the best experience.

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