How to Beat Every Animatronic in Roblox Forgotten Memories?

How to Beat Every Animatronic in Roblox Forgotten Memories

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

How to Beat Every Animatronic in Roblox Forgotten Memories? – Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, Golden Freddy, Marionette and Soul – Purple Eye

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How to Beat Every Animatronic in Roblox Forgotten Memories?

These are the tips to beat every Animatronic:

  • Freddy: Hide in a locker or walk in the Party Room as he can hear sprinting, if you walk towards the arcade, and hes camping, try get someone to lure him.
  • Bonnie: He camps the loading dock but he mostly goes to office, hide in the locker or close the office door.
  • Foxy: Shine your light at him, whine his music box up or hide.
  • Chica: Hide in vents as she camps Parts & Services, or you can follow behind her as she rarely turns around.
  • Golden Freddy: Go into another room or flash your light at him, or keep the generators on.
  • Marionette: Look around your body as its like screech from doors if it gets released, or close the curtains.
  • Soul (Commonly known as Purple Eye): If you hear whispers look behind you

Source: Official Discord

If you need additional help with an Animatronic, leave us a comment and we will try to solve your doubts or expand information in the guide

In case you want to be prepared while defeating the animatronics, we leave you all the Jumpscares, in a Votex compilation video:

Story: After a group of friends take a security job at an abandoned pizzeria. They slowly start to uncover the mystery behind the abandonment of Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

Badges Guide

Many badges are related to animatronics. So as you are surely going to try to defeat them all, we leave you this Rainn_sq video guide, so that at the same time you can unlock all the badges. But apart from Badge 4 – Evaded Marionette, whose relation to the Animatronics is obvious, Badges 6 to 13 practically suppose to complete the game, so we hope that it will serve as a guide

If ew missed anything or if there’s a new badge, let us know in the comments

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