Garden Paws Easter Egg Locations

Garden Paws Easter Egg Locations

Last Updated on 14 December, 2021

Garden Paws Easter Egg Locations – Find all the easter eggs to complete the spring event and collect tons of rewards, also images & videos to help you

Garden Paws Easter Egg Locations – The Event

Info about the Easter Egg event:

  • There are 20 Easter Eggs to find in the spring event
  • The Spring event lasts from Spring 15 to Spring 30
  • The Spring event spawns every year, but the rewards are different
  • We have all the locations, so just keep reading:

Garden Paws Easter Egg Locations – 20 Eggs

  • 1st Egg: Go to Charlie, pass the gate and find it in the wood bush
  • 2nd Egg: Close to the Easter area, in a fern bush
  • 3th Egg: (Rare): Behind Abby’s stand.
  • 4th Egg: Go to Mr Jones’s chicken pen and find it in a water bucket
  • 5th Egg: Near Miller’s farm, in a fern bush (around the little inlet pond near a cave opening)
  • 6th Egg: Behind Frank’s house, on the balcony behind Frank’s house.
  • 7th Egg: Boris’s wagon.
  • 8th Egg: Mining cave, between 2 rocks in the pond, hard to find, so hope the image below helps

Easter Egg Mining Cave 1

  • 9th Egg: (Rare): Mining cave, by the tunel in the minecart, also check the image if you don’t find it

Easter Egg Mining Cave 2

  • 10th Egg: (Rare): Malu’s cabbages (in one of them)
  • 11th Egg: (Rare): In Seaweed, , also check the image if you don’t find it

Easter Egg seaweed

  • 12th Egg: In the back of the decorative house next to Beltram’s sotre, find it wedged between the house and tree.
  • 13th Egg: Behind the Mayor’s house, find it in a little cubby
  • 14th Egg: Town center > In the Well
  • 15th Egg: by the hill of Wanderer’s Museum, inside a wood bush.
  • 16th Egg: Beach (Under a bench)
  • 17th Egg: (Rare): Mr Mooney’s animal pen, between three hay stacks
  • 18th Egg: (Rare): Where 5th egg was, find the cave entrance, it is by the rocks, also check the image if you don’t find it

Easter egg cave

  • 19th Egg: Bucket Next Mr Jones’s house.
  • 20th Egg: Go to  wall of the town, and on the end, pass the chest that can spawn, you’ll find it

Locations in Video

If you still don’t find any of them, just watch this youtube video guide by SailorEffinMoon

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