Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide & Locations – Shield, Globe, Helm & Armor

Genji Armor Crisis Core

Last Updated on 23 December, 2022

Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide & Locations – Shield, Globe, Helm & Armor – How to get each piece, Locations and all the perks explained

We explain how to get the four pieces of one of the most powerful sets in the game, the Genji armor set, which is made up of Genji Armor, Genji Shield, Genji Globe and Genji Helm

Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide – Shield

Genji Shield can be obtained by impressing the Magic Pot in “M7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter”, after already obtaining the Magic Pot’s Digital Mind Wave attack

You can find the Magic Pot Enemy in the missions M2-2-6, M2-5-4, M2-5-5, M7-6-6, and M10-2-3.

Tip: Use Gil Toss, Costly Punch, & Octaslash on the Magic Pot in mission 7-6-6

  • Omni-Status Ward Plus (+): Prevents all status ailments (also Death)
  • Auto-Wall: Activates Barrier and Mbarrier
  • Absorb Elemental Damage: Absorbs HP from fire, ice, and also lightning attacks.

Magic Pot Farming

These are the locations /missions:

  • M10-2-3 – Master Tonberry
  • M2-2-6 – World of Monsters
  • M2-5-4 – New Cavern Found
  • M2-5-5 – Another Cavern
  • M2-5-6 – The Great Beast
  • M7-6-6 – The Determined Recruiter

Once you find a Magic Pot, use Gil Toss, Costly Punch, & Octaslash on it

Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide – Globe

The Genji Glove can be obtained from a chest in Mission 9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats, reward after completing the mission, in the large room located in the western direction. You will unlock the mission after clearing Life Form of Energy

  • Auto-Critical: Every attack will be a Critical attack
  • Break Damage Limit: Increases max dmg cap from 9,999 to 99,999

Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide – Helm

Genji Helm can be purchased for 1,000,000 gil from Net Shop Shade, disappears from the shop menu after you buy it, so if for whatever reason you want more than one, buy them all the first time

  • Auto-Libra: Shows enemies stats
  • MP & AP Cost Zero: Free MP and AP

Genji Armor Crisis Core Guide – Armor

To get the Genji Armor, you will have to get the maximum progression possible with all Limit Breaks and Summons, and watch all the cinematics at least once, in short, achieve 100% completion in the Digital Mind Wave menu

  • Auto-Regen: Slowly Restores HP will
  • Break HP-Limit: Increases max HP cap from 9,999 to 99,999.
  • Auto-Endure: Enemies’ attacks don’t stop your moves

Video Guide

If you need extra help check this video guide, by Primalliquid. Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Complete guide to obtaining all Genji Equipment, Genji Gloves, Genji Helm, Genji Armor and Genji Shield, 4 pieces of equipment with some amazing effects on them.

As it happens in almost all Final Fantasy games, the Genji Equipment or Genji Armor set, also known as Samurai Equipment is a recurring set of heavy armor that is always the most powerful, or the most powerful of its version. It has some spectacular effects or perks that really make a difference. And the truth is that it is not that in Crisis Core they give it away, but it is not especially difficult to get once you have advanced enough in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

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