Goodbye Eternity Cheats & Unlock All Scenes

Goodbye Eternity Cheats & Unlock All Scenes

Last Updated on 5 June, 2023

Goodbye Eternity Cheats & Unlock All Scenes – Unlock Gallery (CG & Scenes), Infinite Money, and more in-game cheats

The use of cheats can cause you to stop playing the game since you will get everything in a couple of minutes, so it’s up to you

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Goodbye Eternity Cheats – Unlock All Scenes & Gallery

This is the real cheat, since you will basically unlock all the scenes in the game, and it takes a few seconds. Of course, we warn you that it can damage your experience in the game, if you have already unlocked everything, why continue playing?

In any case, these are the steps to unlock all the scenes:

  1. Download Gallery Unlocker from here:–Mod-Gallery-Unlocker.rar
  2. Once downloaded, copy the file “unlock_gallery.rpy”
  3. Paste it inside the Game folder (GoodbyeEternity >Game)
  4. Now, to see the scenes, enter the game and go to Settings > Gallery

You will see that now all the Sprites, Music, CG, Backgrounds and Animations are unlocked (this is the scenes)

Cheat Codes

The codes are perhaps the least interesting, since you need to have completed the game once. Of course, for when you do, there are a couple of interesting codes

  • more = +5000¥
  • MacumbaEverywhere = Try this, trust me

In case you need the walkthrough to complete the game for the first time: Walkthrough

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