Goodbye Eternity Walkthrough aka Extra Life

Goodbye Eternity Walkthrough

Last Updated on 16 December, 2023

Goodbye Eternity Walkthrough aka Extra Life – A guide so you can unlock all the scenes and all the paths with all the characters

The reality is that this game does not require a Walkthrough PDF, because you can activate the hints and in the menu on the left you will see the next steps you have to take. In any case, we will guide you during your first decisions

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How to Activate Hints?

Once you are playing, click on the Settings button, then on Preferences, and check the option on the right (Choice Hints).

You will see that in addition to indicating the next steps to activate the next event, when making decisions, it indicates which path each one corresponds to. We mark you in bold where there are scenes, so you know which paths you must choose to get them

Of course there are many paths, another reason why doing a PDF walkthrough doesn’t make much sense, so we recommend you always go the same path during a game, and start a new one when you want to explore another path.

Goodbye Eternity Walkthrough

  1. Yasuka
    1. Maybe it’s a good idea!
    2. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    3. Uh… isn’t that kind of a se… profession?
  2. Noriko
    1. In your dreams Noriko! Starts Mas scene route
    2. Go f*ck yourself Noriko! Starts B scene route
  3. Akira
    1. What do you want?
    2. Leave me Alone…
  4. Yasuka
    1. I’d rather go to bed…
    2. If you want…
      1. I think I’m a little old for that, but thanks for the offer
      2. Uh…I mean I’m an adult now. That’s be a little weird, right?
      3. Well, if it’s what you want, how can I refuse? Unlocks sleeping with Yasuka
  5.  Noriko (Mas Route)
    1. Negotiate
    2. Intimidating
  6. Noriko (B Route)
    1. Menace
    2. Intimidating
  7. Macumba
  8. Noriko (Mas Route)
    1. Turn off WiFi
    2. Click on her Computer
  9. Noriko (B Route)
    1. Give me the MP3 player
    2. How much do you want to keep it a secret Noriko? + scene
  10. Yasuka
    1. Talk
    2. MP3 Player
  11. Saito (Noriko’s mas route)
    1. Listening at the door + scene
    2. I’m busy
  12. Macumba (visit him at night at the Park)
    1. MP3 Player
  13. Chiaki
    1. It’s a promise!
    2. Of course!
  14. Macumba
    1. …All things considered, maybe I’ll run somewhere else…
    2. Go without waiting, your anal virginity is at stake!
  15. Visit Macumba every day for ‘Training’ followed by weights in the afternoon after unlocking ‘I need power’
  16. Asami
    1. Do it yourself! Path not yet developed by Devs
    2. Okay! Unlocks Minato’s house
  17. Asami
    1. Okay, how could I refuse such a proposal?
    2. No, I don’t want to be a buffer.

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  1. Could you provide more context about the process or system you’re referring to that involves indicating the next steps to activate events and corresponding paths? How does the use of bold formatting in scenes help with decision-making within this context, and what is the overall purpose of this system or tool?

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