Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two)

Granny 2 Guide chapter two

Last Updated on 20 October, 2021

Welcome to the Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two), we will help you to escape, giving you info about the items, locations and escape routes

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – Locations

These are the locations of the key items / places:


In the starting room there is only a bed, but explore the basement to find:

  • Wooden box: requires the crowbar
  • Shelves: Contain items
  • Spindle (Wall): Attach the hand wheel
  • Stairs: one leads up, to the 1st or ground floor, the other leads you down, to the sub basement

Sub Basement

Is where you can find the boat, but first go upstaris because you need to find some items to make the boat work.

There is also a cabinet (requires the padlock key), and water (don’t try to swim)

1st Floor

Is where the front door is, but of course you need some items before yo can try to open it:

  • Safe: In front of the front door (requires Safe key)
  • Cupboards: there are a lot, and you can find a lot of items inside
  • Bathroom: check the cupboard
  • Piano: Check under the lid
  • Book case (TV Room): Tap the top left book to reveal a hole, the weapons cabinet is inside, but you need the weapon key to open it

2nd Floor

  • Kitchen: open the cupboards
  • Corridor: Check the cupboard in the bedroom and knock the painting off to reveal the electrical supply box (you can cut the wire)
  • Dinning area: Knock the 2 narrow blocks out of the way and crawl into the 2 alcoves to find more items
  • Security room (to the left of the dinning area): You need the security key (Grandpa’s neck)
  • Balcony area: find the wooden box and open it (crowbar)
  • Main Bedroom: Check the cupboards, and the small vent in the floor (far left) that leads to the bathroom of the 1st floor. If yuo want to use a room as a storage for your items, the main bedroom is the best one.


You can access the Loft from the stairs of the security room

  • 1st room: check the cupboard and the vent in the floor that leads to the dinning area of the 2nd floor
  • 2nd room: check the drawers and unlock the barred section shooting the red button with the shotgun (weapons cabinet). Then open the chained box with the cutting pliers

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – Items

Do you want to know what to do with each item?

  • Crowbar: To open 1 wooden box outside the starting room, and an other one on the balcony (2nd floor). And also to remove the boards (front door)
  • Padlock key: To unlock the control box (sub basement) and also to remove the padlock (front door)
  • Security key: To open the door of the security room (monitors – 2nd floor) and also to unlock the loft area
  • Boat key: To start the boat
  • Safe key: To open the safe (in front of the front door)
  • Weapon key: To open the weapons cabinet, where the shotgun is
  • Stun Gun (& ammo): To stun enemies, very useful to get the security key from grandpa
  • Shotgun (& ammo): To unlock the locked area in the loft
  • Hand wheel: To raise the metal cage (front door)
  • Boat Steering Wheel: Attach it to the boat
  • Gasoline canister: Use it with the boat
  • Spark Plug: Attach it to the boat
  • Cutting Pliers: you need it to reach the box in the loft, and also to cut power (front door)
  • Door Handle: Add it to the front door
  • Vase:
  • Door Lock:

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – How to Escape

Escape through the Front door

  • Metal cage: Place the hand wheel on to the spindle (sub basement) and turn it (tap)
  • Electric field: Knock the painting (2nd floor) off and cut the wire (cutting pliers)
  • Wooden boards: Use the crowbar
  • Missing door handle: Place it in the door
  • Padlock: requires the padlock key

Escape with the boat

  • Gate: Open the wall box (sub basement) with the padlock key and interact with the switch to activate the gate
  • Boat attachments: Find the Spark Plug, the boat steering wheel, the gasoline canister (fill the tank) and finally the boat key

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – Dificulty levels

  • Practice mode: Just explore, granny and grandpa are not at home
  • Easy: Just one of them (granny or grandpa), they move very slow and the floors don’t creak
  • Normal: Just one of them (granny or grandpa), they move slow and the floors creak
  • Hard: Both of them (granny & grandpa), they move fast, the floors creak, and the door has +1 lock
  • Extreme: Both of them (granny & grandpa), they move faster than you, the floors creak, the door has +2 locks, and you play in darker mode

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – Videoguide

Do you want to see how to complete the game?

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) – Videoguide

There are 8 possible endings depending on how you escape:

You can also check other escape or puzzle guides:

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