Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles solutions

Last Updated on 25 August, 2021

Welcome to Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions, a guide with the solution for every puzzle, with tips, requirements and also the recipes you are going to need

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 1

Puzzle 1 – Fire

Solution: Gather the logs (by the research lab) & get the coconut husk (by the coconut tree) > Drop a villager onto the fire > Drag a Villager to the Loveshack > Once is repaired go to Puzzles and collect your reward: 3 Lavastones

Puzzle 2 – Fixing the Dock

Solution: Find 3 pieces of wood (across the island) and fix the dock (south) with them

Puzzle 3 – Crafting the Hut

Solution: Find the crafting hut (west) > Drag a villager to the whale bones (east of the crafting hut) > Take the bones to the research area > Drag other villager to the work bench (To get a pickaxe) > Remove the roots of the tree > Rebuild the crafting hut with more villagers

Puzzle 4 – Release the Kraken

Requirements: Puzzle 1 completed, construction technology level 1 and also crafting technology level 1

Solution: Drag a villager to the crafting hut and also select oil > Drag a villager to the crafting hut and also select fire > Find the 2 eyes: 1st – lower right cornes of the island, amongst the reeds (left of the tree), and 2nd – to the right of where lava connects with lab, but you need water (from the crafting hut) to cool it down >Drag a villager to the Kraken statue > Push both rocks at the same time with villagers to make them fall

Puzzle 5 – Worship

Requirements: Puzzle 4 completed

Solution: Use villagers with building & research skill to rebuild the 4 pedestals. Once 4 pedestals are repaired and with worshiping villagers you will complete this puzzle. Tip: You can also use nursing villagers to worship

Puzzle 6 – The Garden

Requirements: Master Farmer, Farming technology level 2 and also crafting technology level 1

Solution: Take the apple seed (beneath the dead tree next to the crafting hut, on the ground), place it in the garden and drain water

Puzzle 7 – Rhubarb Pie

Requirements: Completed Puzzle 6, Master Farmer, Farming technology level 2 and also crafting technology level 2

Solution: Take 3 seeds (seed bag near the water bucket, beside the research table) > Use 3 fertilizers (crafting hut) on the garden > Harvest Rhubarb > Make a Pie with dough and rhubarb (table) > Bake the pie in the oven (bring a villager to the rocks near the coconut tree) > Eat some slices until you complete the puzzle

Puzzle 8 – Clay Hut

Requirements: Master Builder, Master Gardener, Construction technology level 3 and also crafting technology level 3

Solution: Take 12 clay bricks (one at a time) to the foundation of the clay hut

Puzzle 9 – Antidote

Requirements: Complete puzzle 4 and also crafting technology level 1

Solution: 2 adults & a child have to retrieve a nest (mouth of the kraken) > while raining: bring the eggs from crafting hut to nest, then wait for them to hatch > make antidote: Poison (nest of snakes) + magic > bring the antidote to the pond

Puzzle 10 – The Water Wheel

Requirements: Master Builder

Solution: Place a Villager in the pile of wood (north part of the river) > craft 2 center pieces (metal + forge nucket + anvil) > attach the center pieces to the water wheel > bring a villager to the water wheel to complete it

We have a video guide for this puzzle, if you want to check it > Water Wheel guide

Puzzle 11 – Fixing the Statue


Blue Statue Solution: Get Blue Diamond: Pour water on fire > Get Ruby: Jump Potion (near mausoleum) > Build the green statue beside boulder (requires a chief to draw plans) > Craft Blue Glass

Yellow Statue Solution: Get 3 necklace pieces (daily quest) > Bring gold to the anvil > Upgrade construction skills and draw plans > Craft yellow glass

Red Statue Solution: Make some soup > Build clothing hut, after tech upgrade crate of braid will appear, then flower will pollinate, bring them to tree > Fix slippery rock with a crab (catch it with 1 adult & 1 child) > craft red glass

Puzzle 12 – Destroying the Kraken

Requirements: Complete Puzzle 11

Solution: Just bring the yellow, blue and also the red glass to each statue

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 1 – Residence Hut

Solution: Get 4 water buckets > Use Master builders to douse the huts (volcanic eruption) > Use master builders to repair the huts > Build a residence hut (southeast of where Kraken was)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 2 – Town Center Mural

Solution: Master Builders to the rubble (ruins of the kraken statue) > Repeat it 5 times > Master researcher draw plans > Master Builder to the large boulder (mural) > Craft red, blue and also red paints > Master builder to the Crafting hut to paint

Recipes: Blue paint (blueberry + paste), Green Paint (Moss + Paste), Red Paint (Rose + Paste), Paste (Oil + Dust)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 3 – Scarecrows

Solution: Bring fertilizer to the green pumpkin and wait 2 hours > Make a Scythe from a whale bone (Master Builder) > Cut yellow grass with the scythe (master farmer) > Collect a lot of branches from the dead Tree (beside the crafting hut) > Tie the scarecrow toguether with 2 ropes > Bring a child to the fertilized pumpkin > Place the carved pumpkin on the scarecrows body (master builder)

Recipes: Ropes (Vine + Vine), Mixed Herbs (Grass + Wheat Grass), Fertilizer (Mixed Herbs +  Earth)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 4 – Demolition

Solution: Go to where the Kraken was > Create a hole with a child by the tree with the chief coat (far left) > Do the same by the stairs that lead to the garden (far right) > Same at the Open jungle (Far north) > Make Crate boom sticks (crafting hub) > Place 1 crate boom stick in each hole

Recipes: Boom stick (Boom powder + bamboo), Boom powder (Fine Powder + sulfur), Fine Powder (charcoal + salt peter)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 5 – Unwanted Guest

Solution: Feed the bear with a fish pie: Drag a villager into the water (southern shore) and catch a big bass). Make dough & Get the oven ready (Master Farmer) > give it to the bear carefully

Recipes: Stone (Lava + Water), Flour (Wheat + Stone), Dough (Flour + Water)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 6 – Flower Garden

Solution: Place a villager on the rubble (where the kraken was) to make 4 flower planting spots. Make clay pot and planting soil > Place each item (4 of each) into the garden with a master farmer. Plant them all but also fertilize and water each one 5 times

Recipes: Fertilizer (Mixed herb + Earth x4), Planting Soil (Red Earth + Moss x 4)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 7 – Healing Hut


Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 8 – School

Solution: Requires research lvl 4 > Create the building plans with a master scientist. Build it with builders > once built drop there a master scientist

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 9 – Observatory


Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 10 – Reservoir


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    • There is a set of cement steps, in BACK OF THE RESEARCH AREA, THERE ARE 2 piles OF ROCKS, RIGHT BESIDE THE STEPS, the pile closest to the steps, will get you a lit oven, Drop a villager there.

    • Pile of rocks on the side of the stairs going to food hut. Put your person at the oven, the message will appear. Then drag your person to the pile of rocks, They’ll grab one and take it to the firepit. They’ll stay there until the rock(s) are hot, then they’ll carry it to oven.

    • You have to drop a gathering villager by the corner of a cliff and if it is in the right spot, the villager will swim to where the salt peter is and gather it. 🙂

    • Near the stairs by the love hut, there is a white rock in the water drop a person near it (more into the water)
      And they will gather it

    • The beach area, by the love shack, drag a villager,and place them into the water. There’s actually 2 items to get from that area.

    • the ocean of water near the Love Shack. Just like you can bottle the steam from the rock you can bottle the salt peter from the water, to the far left, where the farmers go to fish close to the Love Shack/

    • All I remember about making a pipe is you need to take metal to the anvil near the researching place. Sorry I can’t do better than that. Think the person has to be a master builder, though.

    • The children collect the herbs to place on the table to the right first. then get your leader to fill the pot with water and take the herbs to the pot to cook the stew. When its ready have your leader dish it up.

  1. I have the honey, the waterway is completed except for the filter.
    But when I send a Master Builder over to the construction table, all they will do is make scythes.
    How do I get them to make the filter?

  2. I’m playing Virtual Villagers 2 on my laptop. I’ve gotten through all but the filter.
    I noticed a lot of the posted YouTube videos for this game show that the player has the option to BUY lavastones.
    How does that happen? I don’t have that option on my game.

    • Depends on the version of the game you are playing. Laptop:no “extras” like lava stones or tech points. Mobile phone: you get lava stones and tech points all day long. My advice: get the mobile version, lava stones are useful, you can boost a villager, boost the crafting time, resurrect a villager…

  3. And I’m back.
    So some comments say that if my master builder is trying to make scythes when I try to get them to make the water filter, then there is a glitch. Problem is, there is no Help option in Settings for me to use to let the creators know about the glitch. Help!

  4. What is the puzzle in chapter 2 “…”? I’ve finished all the others. Is it something to do with feeding the flying squirrels?

    • I have the same problem : i solved every puzzle in both chapters since september 2020, all the collections are complete, i still run the game every day and nothing happens with this “…” puzzle! If someone know the solution, please, help us!!

    • There should only be the fish on your table, no apples and rhubarb, when you take the dough to the table to make fish pie. whenever there are more ingredients than the fish the person you drop at the table will make the rhubarb pie instead of the fish pie and then you will need to make more flour and more dough.

  5. I’ve completed all levels/puzzles. Chapters One and Two. Is there supposed to be more to VVO2 than these two chapters?

  6. I’m having trouble catching the fish to complete my Magic Makers collection. Is there a way to atttract them? I am short by 2.

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