Green Key Cheese Escape Location – Roblox

Green Key Cheese Escape

Last Updated on 23 March, 2023

Green Key Cheese Escape Location – Roblox – A little guide to help you find one of the keys you need to escape, complete the game and unlock the endings.

The Green Key is the first key needed to complete Cheese Escape’s first ending and the second key needed to finish the game’s hidden ending. On the map’s extreme right, next to the stairs, is where you can find it. Use it to open the Green door

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Green Key Cheese Escape Location

Take the first left turn after leaving the safe area and continuing on the right-hand path. Following this will bring you to a T-junction where you should turn left. Continue along the route as it turns right and then back to the right before coming to a corner at the end. The Green Key (green 1 on the map) and a piece of cheese are located next to a ladder.

Green Key Video Guide

As it is easy to get lost in the labyrinths of Cheese Escape Roblox, we leave you this Keybor3d video guide so that you reach the door and the key

To complete all the endings and get all the badges you must get a total of 8 keys that open different doors. At the beginning of this guide we have left you links to the guides with the locations of each of them. We hope we have helped you

About Cheese Escape Roblox


Another pointless horror game in which you have to survive from a harmless rat. I advise you to play with the sounds so that you don’t miss anything. Create a free VIP server and play alone or with friends for the best experience. Leave a like if you enjoy this game! Good luck!


  • The game currently allows eight players per server. Perfect for you and 7 friends!
  • VIP servers are available for free.
    • Only one VIP server can be hosted per player.

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