Guide to Last Epoch Referral Codes Unlock the Bee Pet

Guide to Last Epoch Referral Codes Unlock the Bee Pet

Last Updated on 25 February, 2024

Guide to Last Epoch Referral Codes Unlock the Bee Pet. Learn how to share and use referral codes in Last Epoch to earn exclusive Bee Pets.

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Guide to Last Epoch Referral Codes Unlock the Bee Pet

Explore the benefits of the Last Epoch referral codes system, designed to reward players for inviting friends to join the game. This guide will clarify how referral codes work, how to find and use them, and the rewards associated with these codes.

Last Epoch Referral Codes Guide

  • Introduction to Referral Codes: Referral codes offer rewards for bringing new players to Last Epoch, enhancing the community and game experience.
  • Expectation vs. Reality: While some might anticipate practical items or resources as rewards, the primary incentive is a cosmetic Bee Pet, adding a unique flair to your game.
  • Referral Code Rewards:
    • Initial Use: Share your code to get a miniature Bee Pet (3 Bees).
    • Additional Uses: As more players use your code, the Bee Pet grows, maxing out at 11 Bees for a full swarm.

How to Find Your Referral Code

  • Access Social Tab: Press H in the main menu.
  • Navigate: Select “Refer a Friend” and scroll to find your code.
  • Share: Copy the code to share with friends or community pages.

Using a Referral Code

  • Social Tab: Press H in the main menu.
  • Refer a Friend: Choose this option and paste the referral code you’ve been given.
  • Confirm: Completing this will grant an additional swarm of Bee Pets to both the referrer and referee.

The Bee Pet is a cosmetic addition, providing no gameplay advantage but a fun way to customize your experience. For more detailed guides and tips on Last Epoch, continue exploring our dedicated sections for expert advice and insights.

About Last Epoch

Last Epoch is a captivating action RPG set in a richly detailed world where time itself can be manipulated. This game combines the depth of character customization with the dynamic combat system, allowing players to craft unique builds and strategies. Set across multiple eras, players embark on a journey through time to save the world from a dire fate. Each era presents its own challenges and mysteries, with beautifully crafted environments and formidable enemies. The game’s innovative skill system and crafting mechanics encourage experimentation, while its story-driven quests immerse players in its lore and history. Last Epoch stands out for its engaging endgame content, including time-travel dungeons, challenging bosses, and a competitive ladder system, making it a compelling experience for both solo and multiplayer enthusiasts seeking depth, complexity, and replayability in their RPG adventures.

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