Last Epoch Best Builds and Master Classes

Last Epoch Best Builds and Master Classes

Last Updated on 25 February, 2024

Last Epoch Best Builds and Master Classes. Explore top builds and classes in Last Epoch for a legendary RPG experience.

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Last Epoch Best Builds and Master Classes

Discover the ultimate strategies and classes in “Last Epoch,” an action RPG set for release in April 2020. Engage in hack-and-slash combat and compete against renowned titles like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile with a unique and rewarding gameplay experience. This guide delves into the game’s class system, featuring 5 base classes each with three distinct master classes, unlocked through a detailed passive system reminiscent of classic RPGs.

Key Highlights

  • Classes and Specializations: Explore 5 base classes, each branching into three unique master classes through an intricate passives system.
  • Dynamic Combat: Equip a variety of weapons and harness special abilities to battle enemies and bosses.
  • Referral Codes: Utilize referral codes for cosmetic rewards, enhancing your gameplay with the Bee Pet.
  • Skill Trees: Customize spells and abilities with their own skill trees for tailored gameplay.
  • Continuous Updates: As Last Epoch is in development, expect ongoing updates and expansions to the game’s features and mechanics.

Best Builds in Last Epoch

Acolyte Builds

  • Flame Wraith Necromancer
  • Assemble Abomination Starter Build
  • Retaliation/Bone Nova Golem Build
  • Skeleton Summoner Necromancer
  • “Avatar of Blight” Aura of Decay Lich Build
  • Grim Reaper – Harvest Lich build

Mage Builds

  • Shatter Strike Spellblade
  • Ignite Fireball Sorcerer build
  • Flame Reave Spellblade Build
  • Static Orb Sorcerer
  • Glacier Lightning Blast Sorcerer Build
  • “Armageddon Caller” Starter Sorcerer Build
  • Teleporting Mana Strike build

Primalist Builds

  • Werebear Earthquake Druid
  • Werebear Max-Life Druid Melee Build
  • Lightning Swarmblade Form Druid
  • Tornado Druid Build
  • Storm Crows Beastmaster
  • Wolf Companions Primalist starter build

Rogue Builds

  • “Bowmage” Icicle Marksman setup
  • “Shadow Crafter” Bladedancer end-game setup
  • Hail of Arrows Marksman Build
  • Ballista Bladedancer Rogue
  • Poison Flurry Marksman Build

Sentinel Builds

  • Crit Hammer Throw Paladin
  • Forge Minions Summoner Build
  • Warpath Void Knight
  • Smelter’s Wrath Build
  • Auto-Bomber Void Knight
  • Smiter Paladin Build
  • Bleed Shield Rush Build
  • “Whirlwind” Warpath Sentinel build
  • Javelin Forge Guard
  • Fire Shield Throw Paladin Build
  • Devouring Orb/Smite End-game Void Knight
  • Hammer Throw “Hammerdin”

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