Guide to Playing Multiplayer in Palworld

Guide to Playing Multiplayer in Palworld

Last Updated on 16 February, 2024

Guide to Playing Multiplayer in Palworld.Connect and team up in Palworld’s expansive multiplayer universe.

Guide to Playing Multiplayer in Palworld

Join the adventure in Palworld, a vast survival game where players can build, explore, and bond with their Pals. However, the experience is greatly enhanced when shared with friends. This guide will walk you through the steps to fully engage in multiplayer mode with your friends, from setting up an online server to creating and joining guilds, ensuring you make the most out of Palworld’s rich and interactive world.

Creating an Online Multiplayer World (Server) in Palworld

  1. Start by clicking the Play button on the game’s main screen.
  2. Choose a world name and configure your settings.
  3. Enable the Multiplayer option to set your world online.
  4. Ensure the host has a strong PC performance for optimal gameplay.
  5. Access the pause menu to find the invite code.
  6. Share the code with friends to invite them to your world.

Joining a Friend’s World (Server) in Palworld

  1. Navigate to the Multiplayer option from the main menu.
  2. Enter the invite code provided by the host.
  3. Explore, build, and capture Pals together with your friends.

How to Make a Guild in Palworld

  1. Go to the guilds option from the Pause Menu.
  2. Select the option to create a guild.
  3. Customize your guild by changing its name or checking out others.

Understanding Cross-Play in Palworld

  • GamePass players can play with Xbox users, bridging platforms for these players.
  • However, Steam players are excluded from cross-play with these platforms.
  • Note that dedicated servers are exclusive to the Steam version.

Joining a Guild in Palworld

  1. Locate a guild member and hover over them to get a join option.
  2. Become part of the guild and enjoy visiting bases or trading Pals.

This guide ensures you maximize your multiplayer mode in Palworld by seamlessly connecting with friends and forming alliances in guilds, making your survival journey not only about thriving but also about fostering camaraderie and shared experiences.

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