Gunfire Reborn Lucky Shot Guide

Gunfire Reborn Lucky Shot

Last Updated on 8 February, 2021

Gunfire Reborn Lucky Shot Guide – Differences with Critical hit, Damage Calculation, and increasing chances with scrolls & weapons

Gunfire Reborn Lucky Shot – Def

The Lucky shot is like the critical hit in most of the games, but it can stack above 100%. So Lucky shot procs are basically crits that can trigger regardless of where you hit your target but unlike crits they can be boosted further

Gunfire Reborn Lucky Shot – Damage Calculation

This damage calculation includes the lucky shot chance and the regular damage chance:

  • 0% Lucky shot chance: 100% Reg Dmg + 0% Lucky Dmg = 100% Dmg
  • 30% Lucky shot chance: 70% Reg Dmg + 30% Lucky Dmg = 130% Dmg
  • 100% Lucky shot chance: 0% Reg Dmg + 100% Lucky Dmg = 200% Dmg
  • 130% Lucky shot chance: 0% Reg Dmg + 100% Lucky Dmg = 230% Dmg
  • 200% Lucky shot chance: 0% Reg Dmg + 100% Lucky Dmg = 200% Dmg
  • 230% Lucky shot chance: 0% Reg Dmg + 100% Lucky Dmg = 330% Dmg

How to increase the Lucky Shot chance?


Using the scrolls that boost the lucky shot chance:

  • Casual Gunsmanship: +20% chance, but -20% dmg if dealing 1x damage
  • Elemental Torment: +20% chance, but only with enemies with elemental effect
  • Berserk Soul: +0,5 chance for every -1% HP
  • Speedy Pursuit: +50% after dashing
  • Merciless Strike: +50% on Crit hits, but -50 on regular hits


Each weapon has different chances to inflict effects. For example

  • Glimmering: Direct damage and explosion damage have separate chances to inflict effects such as Lucky Shot and Burning
  • Prism: Per ricochet, Lucky Shot Chance +100%

But if you want to boost your chances try to use weapons with 150% or higher bonuses

Check our weapon tier list

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