Happy Game Walkthrough, Ending & Achievements

Happy Game Walkthrough, Ending & Achievements

Last Updated on 2 November, 2021

Happy Game Walkthrough, Ending & Achievements – Complete the game with the help of this walkthrough in which you will get all the achievements and of course the ending

Happy Game Walkthrough, Ending & Achievements – Walkthrough

Here we leave you the complete walkthrough of the game by Amanita Design, so you can see how to get to the ending without leaving you any achievement

These are the Nightmares of the walkthrough

  • 0:00:00 – First Nightmare
  • 0:15:27 – Second Nightmare
  • 0:41:13 – Third Nightmare
  • 1:03:31 – Ending

These are the achievements of the walkthrough

  • 0:00:43 – The Happy Wall achievement (Approach the wall several times)
  • 0:10:18 – Bedtime Stories achievement (Burst a bubble with a book)
  • 0:11:51 – Heads Off achievement (Tear off heads until you get the achievement)
  • 0:14:58 – Baller achievement (Story achievement)
  • 0:21:07 – Heart-Attack achievement (Burst the heads of the creatures-hearts)
  • 0:27:45 – Licking the Blade achievement (Lick the knife)
  • 0:37:43 – Bunny Patty achievement (Throw 7 rabbits into the meat grinder)
  • 0:40:43 – Smile! achievement (Story achievement)
  • 0:42:08 – Thunderstruck achievement (Lightning strikes at you)
  • 0:51:12 – Seven Stones achievement (Build a pyramid of 7 stones on a large rock)
  • 1:03:44 – Happy End achievement (Story achievement)

Ending Explained

In this video we leave you only the end and its explanation, in case you do not want to play the game but see or understand it, since obviously there are spoilers. Although to achieve this we recommend that you follow the previous walkthrough.

Happy Game Walkthrough, Ending & Achievements – Achievements

You will unlock automatically, as you progress in the game, the achievements: Baller, Smile & Happy End. But there are other achievements you can also unlock:

  • The Happy Wall achievement : Approach the wall several times – At the beginning, after getting out of the bed
  • Bedtime Stories achievement : Burst a bubble with a book – When you use the steam locomotive
  • Heads Off achievement : Tear off heads until you get the achievement – toy inside the bubble on the right
  • Heart-Attack achievement : Burst the heads of the creatures-hearts – All the heads
  • Licking the Blade achievement : Lick the knife – give the knife to the topmost creature and start the scene
  • Bunny Patty achievement : Throw 7 rabbits into the meat grinder – Self explanatory
  • Thunderstruck achievement : Lightning strikes at you – Get underneath the black cloud
  • Seven Stones achievement : Build a pyramid of 7 stones on a large rock – Place 7 stones on top of the large rock, ideally the stones on top should be smaller than the ones below

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