Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes

Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes – How to unlock free heroes, and the 30 days celebration – Full roster free to play for the next 30 days

Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes – Blizzard 30 Years

To celebration 30 years of Blizzard, the full Heroes of the Storm roster will be free to play for the next 30 days

So all the heroes will be free to play from February 20 to March 20. Check the Tier List if you want to play with the best heroes.

But what can you do to unlock free heroes from March 20? We don’t know when Blizzard will let us play with the full roster again, but we know how to unlock some of them just playing:

Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes – How to unlock?

There are some methods to unlock free heroes:

Recruit a Friend

Only available until level 5, but if you are not level 6 or higher, go here: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/game/recruit-a-friend/ and recruit friends to unlock Raynor and Sylvanas

Play the tutorial

You will unlock Tyrande or Jaina or Murading during the tutorial, but you will also get another starter chest, and with that chest you will unlock another 4k gold hero (like Uther, Sonya, Thrall, Nazeebo…)

Leveling Heroes with Free Rotation

Leveling heroes will grant 500 gold every five levels, but we recommend to use the free rotation to level heroes to 5. Matering heroes will take a lot of time, but level heroes to 5 with free rotation is really easy.

Leveling Heroes

Leveling heroes and Brawls give free loot chests that can potentially unlock more heroes. The former also gives gems, which can be used to buy new heroes. Preferably ones who are in a bundle or on sale, as discounts are given then (the sale gives a 50% discount).

So if you are a beginner: Recruit friends, play the tutorial and use free rotation to get a bunch of free heroes

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