Heroes University H Cheat Codes v0.2.4

Heroes University H Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 12 November, 2023

Heroes University H Cheat Codes – Updated Skip mini-games, Unlock Gallery & Uncensored Mode Cheats to the last version of the game

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Heroes University H Cheat Codes – Full List

All codes for all versions, check which version you are using and redeem the codes:

v0.2.4 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: 48ws2r
  • Unlocking scene gallery: r1msp4
  • Uncensored Mode: v8z41q

v0.2.0.1 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: 94c75y
  • Unlocking scene gallery: h9a13y
  • Uncensored Mode: t3y4b8

v0.1.7.1 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: x5m4sq
  • Unlocking scene gallery: 9g47q1
  • Uncensored Mode: 8b513a

v0.1.6.3 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: 6ond53
  • Unlocking scene gallery: nm5d6q
  • Uncensored Mode: y73mt2

v0.1.5.4 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: 1u7ywq
  • Unlocking scene gallery: g9jl4u
  • Uncensored Mode: 7j4op3

v0.14.1 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: c07p4s
  • Unlocking scene gallery: 647er1
  • Uncensored Mode: 870av9

v0.1.3 Cheat codes:

  • Skip mini-games: cv35w7
  • Unlocking scene gallery: b63w7x
  • Uncensored Mode: 89q5s1

We recommend that you do not abuse the codes if you do not want to damage your experience in the game. Because if, for example, you activate the skip mini games and unlock gallery codes and see all the content, you may lose the desire to play. We recommend using the unlock gallery code only for those scenes that you have not managed to unlock on your own. And Skip mini games just to skip those very repetitive games

Heroes University H Cheat Codes – How to Redeem?

You just have to press the Settings option, which you can see in the main menu, and you will see where to enter the code. If it doesn’t work, check that you are playing the corresponding version. Since the codes are updated after each game update

About the game

A visual novel called Heroes University H is set in a school for heroes. You are a new student, and your objective is to locate a concealed danger on campus.

To locate a criminal secret spy, you must develop relationships with several university girls.

You can make your own character to accomplish that. Gain their trust, engage in conversation, go on dates, and engage in a variety of activities for various girls, but first you must locate them, use the campus map to navigate, play minigames, and, most importantly, make the right choice when it comes to using your own very special power: your wonder who adapts to be ideal for every girl.

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