Thief Simulator 2 Parcel Codes

Thief Simulator 2 Parcel Codes

Last Updated on 13 October, 2023

Thief Simulator 2 Parcel Codes – All the codes we’ve found, the rewards they unlock, and how to find all the others

Surely you have already come across a 5-digit note, in case you didn’t know, they are parcel codes, and you can redeem them and obtain valuable rewards for your games. So we show you some and explain how to get the rest

Thief Simulator 2 Parcel Codes – Some Codes

These are all the codes we have found on Madison Street, along with their rewards:

  • Goldmine on Madison Street Parcel Code = 24252 –  It is right at the foot of the ATM, and when you enter it you will get A Sanny phone worth $50 and a hard drive that’ll fetch you $75
  • Madison Street Parcel Code II = 42318 –  This other Madison Street code will give you the keys to the 107th and 101st places. The truth is that we haven’t checked what’s there yet, so the rewards of this code are a surprise
  • Madison Street Parcel Code III = 77611 – With this code you will get an a Flyp Smartphone worth $125

How to get the rest of the Parcel Codes?

Check every corner of the game and check every 5-digit note you find. At first it may seem like an odyssey, but once you have found the first ones, you will see that they are easy to detect

When you interact with the first note, go to your phone (in-game), and check the “Delivery Codes” section. All the codes should be stored there, so you don’t need a pen and paper, nor will you have to memorize anything.

About Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2 will transport you to a world full of valuables, expensive cars and crispy bills. As long as you find a way to steal them. Know that the job of a thief is not a piece of cake. To get some practice, you’ll start with petty thefts. This way you will acquire the necessary experience to access increasingly risky and, more importantly, more profitable jobs. Earn levels and unlock new possibilities.

Get useful tools. Together with your newly acquired skills, they will pave your way to expensive items, which you can sell on the black market. The tools of your trade include a crowbar and binoculars, as well as advanced equipment that will become available as you progress, such as a laptop computer for hacking into security systems.

The creators of Thief Simulator 2 have prepared two unique locations with houses, banks, restaurants and other special places where you can loot money, valuables and other items. But first, examine the surroundings: find out when the building is empty, know the schedules of the tenants or employees. Then you just have to prepare a strategy and it will be time to go.

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