How To Access Lightkeeper Room in Escape From Tarkov

how to access lightkeeper room in escape from tarkov

Last Updated on 22 July, 2023

How To Access Lightkeeper Room in Escape From Tarkov – In this post we show you the best way to access and successfully complete the Lightkeeper room. 

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How To Access Lightkeeper Room in Escape From Tarkov

Many people are having trouble completing the objective in Escape from Tarkov since it is very difficult. To access to the lighthouse island and the lightkeeper’s rooms, there are several steps to climb. To enter the Lightkeeper’s room, you must do a few tasks, avoid as many landmines as you can, and attain a specific level. In light of the foregoing, let’s examine the info needed to enter the lightkeeper’s room.

Accessing Lightkeepers Room and Lighthouse Island requires completing Quests

You must successfully complete the Lightkeepers and Lighthouse quests in order to visit the Lightkeepers chamber and Lighthouse Island. When you have finished the SHoreline map and reached level 20, you can start the Light Keepers Quest. By performing chores for Prapor and providing him particular things, the quest can be finished. At level 25, the Lighthouse quest can be accessed and finished in the same manner. Instead, you must converse with the character known as Therapist.

How to Reach Lightkeepers Room and Lighthouse Island

Honestly, completing these missions is the simple part. The actual challenge is getting to the room and island by traversing the landmine-strewn bridge.

The best tactic you can use to reduce damage the most is to move backward. After a few steps of getting a feel for the terrain, turn around and proceed backward until a few mines start to detonate. The least amount of harm should result from this for you. You will still sustain damage, so make sure you have lots of goods to replenish your health.

There is a walking ledge river immediately on the right side of the bridge once you have traveled about halfway. Slide down there and proceed to backpedal. About every dozen steps, check your path. In no time, you’ll be at the bridge’s end, suffering almost half as much damage as usual.

Important note: Near boxes, concrete blocks, and trucks are the majority of the landmines. Therefore, to maximize minimal damage, keep an eye out and carefully move away from them when you are close to them.

The Lighthouse and Lightkeepers Room

You have now arrived at the lighthouse island after finishing this. On floor three is the room of the lightkeeper. The lighthouse has seven levels. Remember to finish the two tasks well before you cross the landmine bridge because you must do so in order to gain entry to the room and reach level 25.

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