How To Rotate Items In Escape From Tarkov

how to rotate items in escape from tarkov

Last Updated on 22 July, 2023

How To Rotate Items In Escape From Tarkov – The rotation of items in Escape from Tarkov is explained in the following guide.

Although items accumulate in your inventory, managing them is important. This is crucial if you want to maximize the benefits of your raid and gather the most amount of loot. You can control how much stuff you can stock up by rotating your items. Therefore, it makes sense that you’d want to learn how to rotate items in Escape from Tarkov. You cannot spend time managing your inventory in a killing environment; you need to move quickly to get things done. Consequently, you need this guide more than anything. This article will explain how to manage and enlarge the amount of items that can fit in your inventory.

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How To Rotate Items In Escape From Tarkov

Moving them won’t make your inventory bigger, but it will help you manage it better and free up some space. Additionally, you can make the essential elements simple to find. There are many additional ways to make more room, such as partially disassembling or unloading the guns.

In Escape From Tarkov, rotating items is a cinch—all you have to do is press R while moving them. By opening the Inventory, you won’t need to drag and replace items every time. Simply said, doing this will give you more time to handle the inventory while still giving you access to it.

You can manage space in addition to turning by unloading guns or partially disassembling them. Additionally, some guns feature removable stocks that can expand the available storage space so that more resources and things can be added.

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