How to Control the Wolf in God of War Ragnarok

how to control the wolf in god of war ragnarok

Last Updated on 15 November, 2022

How to control the wolf in God of War Ragnarok – In this post we help you to control the wolf in GoW: Ragnarok. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail!

Exploring the Nine Realms in God of War: Ragnarok is not only a truly immersive visual experience, it also reveals a number of major updates to the already solid gameplay. The Santa Monica studio took everything from 2018’s God of War soft reboot and took it to new heights. A feature of the game’s great variability is the ability to play as different characters. There is a slight spoiler area up front. At some point in the game, when the player is first thrust into the playable spotlight, the player is given the opportunity to step in the footsteps of Atreus. He has his own playstyle, using his bow and speed to glide around his enemies. However, these aren’t the only tools at his disposal.

After experiencing a sudden transformation into a bear early in the game, the player can use the Spartan Rage Meter to control Atreus into a wolf. We’ll head to Middlelands to learn how to control wolves in God of War: Ragnarok.

How to Control the Wolf in God of War Ragnarok

In order to transform into the wolf of Atreus, the player must complete a quest called “The Lost Sanctuary”. When you reach this point, you can control Atreus. When done, click the left and right sticks simultaneously to activate the rage meter and change shape. Atreus transforms into a wolf, pressing R1 or R2 will attack surrounding enemies. Similar to using Berserk Knife on Kratos, it only lasts for a short time, but heals Atreus with each attack. Back in his original form, players must figure out how to increase the Atreus Spartan Rage.

How to Increase Atreus’s Spartan Rage

ncreasing the Atreus Spartan Rage Meter is equivalent to increasing his father’s Rage Meter. As a young jötnar, you’ll be able to fill up this rage meter as you travel through the land you’re in and encounter enemies. Using Rune Summons, Basic Attacks, and Bow Skills will reward you with a portion of your Rage. If you get hit, you get some rage gauges and finishers on enemies. Basically, pretty much everything that happens in combat gives you a slight boost to Atreus’ Spartan Fury.

There’s no shortage of praise for this game, and it’s not just gameplay innovation. From brand new playable characters to a plethora of companions to join you on your adventures, it’s truly a wonder. It’s a pretty bold move for Santa Monica to put a character like Atreus first in some parts of the game. Fortunately, it paid off, and the experience of converting to an Atreus for the first time will always be a sight to behold for me.

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