How To Dance in Animal Crossing New Horizons

how to dance in animal crossing new horizons

Last Updated on 13 January, 2023

How To Dance in Animal Crossing New Horizons – Do you want to know how to use the dance reaction or emotion in ACNH? What you need to purchase is listed below.

While your character in ACNH has access to a wide range of reactions, dancing is a special animation you might choose to perform. How can I get Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Dance reaction/emote? You need purchase a highly special set.

How To Dance in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Players need purchase the New Reactions Notebook from the Nook’s Cranny in order to have their character dance using an emotion or reaction.
  • New reactions in ACNH 2.0 include Jammin, Work It, Hula, and others. The New Reactions Notebook has each of these.
  • At the Nook Stop Terminal, it will cost them about 3,300 Nook Miles. Make sure you access your Nook Stop once day and finish Nook Mileage Activities if you are running low on Nook Miles. These activities range widely. You can take care of the flowers, interact with the villagers, plant trees, sell items, catch bugs, and many other things.

Also available from Nook’s Cranny is the Viva Festivale Reaction Set, which costs about 19,800 Bells. It has reactions like “Feelin’ It,” “Let’s Go,” “Viva,” and “Confetti,” and “Feelin’ It” specifically causes your character to dance! Although time travelers can experience it if they missed the Festivale event, this reaction is special to that event.

If you want to earn additional Bells fast, you can shake some trees, bash some rocks with an axe or a shovel, or just sell some items. The more money you can make by selling an item at the Nook’ Cranny, the more valuable the item is.

Basically, this is the Animal Crossing New Horizons dance tutorial (ACNH). To give your already fantastic character even more life, be sure to unlock and get all other reactions. Visit our guides to learn more about everything else you can do on your island.

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