How to Enable Roblox Voice Chat? – Spatial Voice

How to Enable Roblox Voice Chat

Last Updated on 20 August, 2022

How to Enable Roblox Voice Chat? – Spatial Voice – Age Verification (+13), Enable Voice Chat and how to use Spatial Voice

Activating Roblox voice chat is very simple, but before you can activate it you have to meet the age requirements that Roblox has established, since it is an exclusive function for players who are at least 13 years old

“To help guard its community against such inappropriate behavior, “Roblox” is requiring anyone who uses the voice chat feature to first register by sending a photo of their government-issued ID — a driver’s license, ID card or passport — along with a selfie”

How to Enable Roblox Voice Chat – Age Verification (+13)

To verify your age you have to do the following:

  1. Download Roblox app on your mobile Android or iOS
  2. Enable the camera and go to the Account Info tab
  3. Choose a Photo ID Scan Method (Recommended: Use my Phone)
  4. Take a photo of any available ID (driver’s license, passport, or ID card)
  5. After the previous step take a selfie with your phone to prove liveness and likeness

Of course, the reason for the selfie is to verify that you are the same person as the ID you submitted in the previous step. And of course, if your ID shows an age less than 13, you will be able to verify your age, but you will not be able to activate the chat as we will explain in the next step

How to Enable Roblox Voice Chat – Voice Chat

If you’ve already verified your age and you’re over 13, the next part is the easiest:

Enable Voice Chat on PC: Click on the gear icon (top right) > Click on Settings > Click on Privacy Tab > Enable Voice Chat

Enable Voice Chat on Mobile: Tap on the circle with three dots (bottom right) > Scroll down and Tap on the cog icon > Tap on Privacy Tab > Enable Voice Chat

How to use Spatial Voice?

Eligible, age-verified, age 13+ users will see a microphone icon next to the user name and above the avatar of other users that have voice chat enabled. Users will not otherwise be able to see who does or does not have Spatial Voice.

  • Muting another user’s voice chat: You can mute another user in a Spatial Voice experience by clicking the microphone icon that will appear over their avatar’s head
  • Blocking another user: You can block another user in a Spatial Voice experience to prevent them from engaging with you in voice chat or text chat

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